TeeChart for .NET Standard Business Edition のリリース

Released: Feb 2, 2021

2021 での更新項目

2021 (Build 5.2021.3.31)

Updated Mar 31, 2021


  • Now correctly targets Microsoft .NET Standard.

2021 (Build 4.2021.3.22)

Updated Mar 23, 2021


  • Added support for Microsoft .NET 5.

2021 (Build 4.2021.3.5)

Updated Mar 05, 2021


  • NearestTool_Change event is not fired in version 4.2020.9.28.
  • Legend text truncated when legend alignment is set to bottom.
  • FastLine performance degradation since TeeChart 2017.
  • PDF export throws security exception.

2021 (Build 4.2021.2.2)

Updated Feb...

Released: Aug 28, 2020

2020 での更新項目

2020 (Build 4.2020.11.25)

Updated Nov 25, 2020


  • Added new Visible property to TeeChart.Xaml.WPF Series class.
  • The OnManipulationDelta() slowFactor variable is now a public property.
  • Added new function type: Lagrange Polynomial Interpolation.


  • Horizontal scroll of ColorGrid series erroneous in WPF.

2020 (Build 4.2020.8.28)

Updated Aug 28, 2020


  • Added Axis class and properties to TeeChart.Xaml.WPF.


  • Fixed problem with watermark removal on TeeChart Business edition under...

Released: Jun 7, 2019

2019 (Build 4.2019.6.4) での更新項目

Updates in 2019 (Build 4.2019.6.4)

  • Adds support for .NET Core 3.0 preview in Microsoft Visual Studio 2019
    • Downloadable as nuget packages.
    • Supports Winform, ASP.NET and WPF.
    • Adds example for ASP.NET Core 3 MVC.

Released: Feb 8, 2019

v2019 での更新項目


  • ActivityGauge series throws unhandled errors at designtime when opening a form.
  • Export Series Marks Style and Format to missing from JavaScript.
  • Colors are always exported with transparency to JavaScript.
  • Export NewLines (\r\n) in Labels to JavaScript.
  • Export HorizBar Gradient to JavaScript.
  • Some shadows and pens/strokes aren't exported to JavaScript.
  • Arrow Marks aren't exported to JavaScript.
  • Improve Bar and CustomBar export to JavaScript.
  • Disable "hover" when exporting to JavaScript.

Released: May 4, 2018

v2018 での更新項目


  • Includes support for Microsoft's Net Standard permitting use in a variety of Project types including .NET Core 2.
  • Adds demo for ASP.NET Core 2 MVC.

Released: Nov 21, 2017

2017 での更新項目


Steema is pleased to announce the introduction of the TeeChart for NET Standard Business Edition.
The Business Edition includes Chart and Gauges types, for desktop & web, suitable for most standard business applications.

TeeChart for NET is now available in three tiers:

  • Business Edition: includes standard chart types, gauges and standard custom chart tools.
  • Pro Edition: includes all Business features and adds additional chart types including 3D charts, maps, extended chart tools...