TX Text Control .NET for WPF Standard について

Microsoft Wordと同じように使える編集と帳票作成機能をアプリケーションに搭載

TX Text Control .NET for WPF は1つの再利用可能なコンポーネントで開発者に文書処理機能の広い範囲を提供するロイヤリティフリーの文書処理コントロールです。TX Text Control .NET for WPF は理想的に強力な上、フレキシブルな文書処理機能を必要とするすべてのアプリケーションに適しています。TX Text Control .NET for WPF で可能なことは:Windows アプリケーション、ロードの中に幅広い文書処理を統合して、 Microsoft Word フォーマット(DOCX 、 DOC 、 RTF など)をエディットし、そしてセーブして強力な報告アプリケーションを構築して、ツールとリボンバーに結び付く XAML データバインディングと、更に多くの利用が可能。TX Text Control .NET for WPF は完全にロイヤリティフリーで、そして電子メールと電話によって無制限の無料のテクニカルサポートを含みます。

TX Text Control .NET for WPF Standard Features

  • Microsoft Word Out-Of-The-Box - TX Text Control is a royalty-free, fully programmable rich edit control that offers developers a broad range of word processing features in a reusable component for Visual Studio. It provides comprehensive text formatting, powerful mail merge features and all word processing key concepts such as table support, images, headers and footers and page sections.
  • Reporting and Mail Merge - Text Control Reporting combines the power of a reporting tool and an easy-to-use WYSIWYG word processor - fully programmable and embeddable in your WPF application. Based on Microsoft Word compatible report templates, mail merge and table reports to master-detail, side-by-side and sub-reports can be created. Nested repeating blocks with master-detail relationship views can be easily inserted. It doesn't matter what's repeated in the block: A table row, paragraphs, images or text frames. There are no limits.
  • Fully Featured Ribbon Control - TX Text Control .NET for WPF is shipped with it's own WPF Ribbon control and ready-to-use Ribbon tabs for all typical tasks of TX Text Control. Essentially, you can build our demo TX Text Control Words within seconds without writing a single line of code. The ribbon tabs are completely pre-designed, can be simply added to a Text Control Ribbon control and used out-of-the-box when connected to a Text Control. The ribbon tabs can be added to the ribbon control using drag and drop or using a Visual Studio designer smart tag.
  • Import Adobe PDF Documents - TX Text Control is able to import "born digital" PDF documents, so that you can view, edit or convert these files. The PDF document is imported and can be modified just like any other format such as DOC or DOCX. The fully featured API can be used to change the content or to search on the document. Import and edit PDF files for which the original word processing source files are missing and reuse its content.
  • Microsoft Word Compatible File Formats - TX Text Control .NET for WPF supports a wide range of word processing formats (RTF, DOC, DOCX, HTML, XML, PDF) and image file formats (GIF, PNG, JPG, BMP, WMF, EMF, TIF). Convert and modify different document types to a standardized style or merge various document types into one unified document. Provide your users an option to modify Microsoft Word documents and to create Adobe PDF documents right in your WPF application.
  • Shapes and Drawings - Microsoft Word compatible drawings and shapes can be inserted and edited. Shapes can be inserted as single objects into TX Text Control and can be completely customized using the ribbon interface, a ready-to-use dialog box and programmatically using the TX Text Control API. When activating drawing objects, a fully featured editor is available to modify the shape. Shape objects can be also grouped in a Drawing Canvas and modified as a group. All shape types are compatible to MS Word and can be imported and exported from and to supported formats.
  • Page Section Support - Documents can be divided into an unlimited number of different sections, each one of which may be individually formatted. TX Text Control is shipped with a dialog box that can be used to manipulate the section settings. Sections enables users to create documents with mixed page orientation, so that parts are inserted as portrait and other parts as landscape. It is possible to add different headers and footers to specific sections or you can include page numbering only for the main part of a document and omit it in an appendix.