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Visual Assist fills the gaps in Microsoft Visual Studio. It helps developers write code faster and easier. Visual Assist is a key productivity tool relied on by C++ developers worldwide. It is very likely that software you use has been written with the assistance of Visual Assist. Whether it is better navigation than is inbuilt in Visual Studio, to refactorings, code generation, and more, Visual Assist is extraordinarily powerful, is lightweight and fast, is very flexible, and is written by developers for developers. That means it does what your developers need.

Recently, I was developing at home where I do not have Visual Assist. Progress was so slow. It was like programming with stone knives and bearskins.

Mark Graham, BitTorrent

Visual Assist solves problems in Visual C++ and C#. From better navigation to refactoring, this lightweight performant plugin is widely relied on in the industry. Visual Assist has a wealth of features to enhance developer productivity and will improve virtually every Microsoft IDE you have with the multitude of features that comprise Visual Assist.

Visual Assist Features:

  • Navigation
    Move about your code with newfound ease—to any file, method, symbol, or reference in your projects and solutions...


May 15, 2024Product Update
Visual Assist 2024.3では、参照の検索機能のパフォーマンスが大幅に向上し、ワークフローが高速化され、時間を節約
パーサーの高速化によりVisual Studioの生産性を向上
パーサーの高速化によりVisual Studioの生産性を向上
February 9, 2024Product Update
Visual Assist 2024.1では、パーサーを見直すことで、初期起動時間を前バージョンより15倍短縮
Visual Studioからコードスニペットを簡単に共有
Visual Studioからコードスニペットを簡単に共有
December 15, 2023Product Update
Visual Assist 2023.6では、メールやGitHubなどを介して他の開発者にコードを即座に送信できる新しい「チームメンバーと共有」オプションを追加
Visual Assist 2023.4
Visual Assist 2023.4
August 30, 2023新バージョン
Visual Assist 2023.3
Visual Assist 2023.3
June 5, 2023新バージョン
Visual Assist 2023.2
Visual Assist 2023.2
May 2, 2023新バージョン
未評価のClang Tidyチェッカーをコード検査機能として有効化することをサポート

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One software license is required per developer。 Each license includes 1 Year Maintenance Subscription which can be renewed each year。 The software is licensed perpetually however if you do not renew...


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