RadiantQ WPF Gantt (英語版) のリリース

Released: Mar 12, 2021

V10.0 での更新項目


  • Added SelectedRowsDropCanceled event to listen for cancel events.
  • Added support for Hierarchical Data in OverviewControl.
  • Added RoundTimeAdjustedTo Event to let the user decide the rounding adjustment of times.
  • Added ScheduleToPlotWith event which lets you decide the schedule dynamically.
  • Added new “PreventHorizontalShifting” option which specifies whether horizontal movement of tasks should be prevented or not.
  • Added support for Microsoft .NET 5.0 projects and updated .NET Core 3.0 to LTS...

Released: Sep 23, 2020

V9.0 での更新項目


  • Added Microsoft .NET Core support - Assemblies and a full set of Samples built for .NET Core.
  • Added support for FlexyGantt Multiple Task Selection - Allows users to click select tasks and then perform actions.
  • Added "BeforeOverlappingSet" event in FlexyGantt to handle events when overlapping of tasks occurs.
  • Added the ability to export Gantts to Microsoft Excel.
  • Added support for binding "ProjectStartDate" property.
  • Improved exporting of Gantt Images.
  • CanResizeActivity - Raised to allow you...

Released: Feb 2, 2017

V8.0 での更新項目


  • Support for dependency lines with varying row heights in FlexyGantt.
  • Support for connecting tasks and create a dependency line using the FlexyGanttDependencyLineConnectionUtility.
  • New OverviewControl gives you a bird’s eye view of your project.
  • Support for VirtualizationMode = Recycling in FlexyGantt.
  • Ability to customize dependency tooltip content through DependencyToolTipContentBinding.
  • Ability to refresh overlapped tasks layout with TasksListControl.RefreshOverlappedBars.

Released: Nov 4, 2014

Updates in this release

Updates in V6.5

  • Support for frozen rows.
  • Comprehensive undo/redo operations for editing Gantt charts.
  • New schedules for rendering tasks.
  • Manually schedule dependent tasks.

Released: Feb 17, 2014

Updates in this release

Updates in V6

  • Resource Load View - Plot loads for resources across a time line.
  • Adjust dependency lines to center with task bars.
  • Center Milestones in FlexyGantt using new TaskItemControl.MilestoneWidth static property.

Released: Aug 28, 2013

Updates in this release

Updates in V5.5

  • Browse To Task Cues - Indicates where hidden (scrolled out of view) tasks are and brings them into view.
  • Horizontally Virtualized Rendering - Display an unlimited number of tasks within a row.
  • MS Project-like IDs - IDs automatically update as tasks are moved. Predecessor indices are also updated automatically.
  • Project Gantt Filtering - Allow users to easily filter tasks by any criteria including only showing completed tasks.
  • Time Span Highlighting - Mouse over a time unit...

Released: Oct 9, 2012

Updates in this release

Updates in V4.0

  • Printing a Table and a Gantt chart on the same page, side by side.
  • Zoom out to fit the specific pages.
  • FlexyGantt.TaskTimeChanging event added for better control over updated task times as the end-user moves/resizes tasks in the chart.
  • Ability to bind to a single type that represents both a parent and child in a hierarchy.
  • Support for automatically adjusting the row height.
  • A new WorkingHoursBar added to help distinguish working time from non-working time.

Released: Nov 21, 2011

Updates in this release


  • 仮想化されたレンダリングは、タスクやリソース多数の行をサポートしています。
  • FlexyGanttコントロールで重複したタスクのサポート
  • FlexyGanttコントロールの依存関係線を表示する能力
  • FlexyGantt制御するために、ガントモデルを結合する能力
  • FlexyGanttテーブル内の行をドラッグアンドドロップ
  • 列に現在の要約行のすべての子の努力の総和を示しています。
  • プロジェクト形式へのエクスポート時に、リソースのリストをエクスポートする機能

Released: Jul 7, 2011

Updates in this release


  • カスタムなバックグランド範囲: カスタムテンプレートでチャートをレンダリングするためにカスタムのバックグラウンドの範囲(CustomChartBackgroundRanges プロパティ)を指定できます。 分別がある範囲あるいは繰り返しの範囲を指定できます。
  • リソースアサインメントドロップダウン: リソースアサインメントドロップダウンでの新しいフィルタテキストボックスはリソースの大きいリストを絞るのに役立ちます。.
  • リソースレベル動作: 「固定設定時間仕事」のためのもっと良いリソースレベル動作 (AdjustDurationOnAssignment == false)

Released: Feb 1, 2011

Updates in this release

Updates in V2.5


  • Report Style Printing: Printing with Header, Footer and Report Footer.
  • Minute header support in the chart time scale.
  • Fully customize the look and feel of the bar in the GanttControl via templates (FlexyGantt bars are already templatized).
  • Improved look and feel with Mouse Hover background cue for rows in the chart area.
  • Click events for capturing user clicks on the GanttControl's bars.
  • Support for specifying multiple text formats in the header. The gantt will...