wRTF2PDF/TextDynamic Server について

RTF, HTM, PDFの作成、修正、変換ができます。

wRTF2PDF/TextDynamic Serverは、またはユニバーサルドキュメント変換と作成用のエンドユーザーとサーバー向けアプリケーション(DLL, VB.NET)、ASP、ASP.NETインターネットサーバーにデプロイするための完全にプログラマブルなワードプロセッサーエンジンです。APIでテキスト(RTF, ANSI, HTML, UNICODEとMIME)の読込、テキストの処理、テーブルの作成委、テキストの挿入やメールマージ、(例:データフィールドに、データやテキスト(PDF, RTF, ANSI, HTML, UNICODE とMIME)の挿入) が簡単にできます。RTF2PDFは、HTMLとPDFの出力するためにASPまたはASP.NETで簡単に利用することができます。

wRTF2PDF is not just a tool to convert RTF to PDF or HTML to PDF, it also includes a full featured, completely self contained word processing engine to create formatted text in code.

You can use this component to create documents and invoices on a web server and save the result as RTF, HTML or PDF file.

Integrated, Programmable Word Processing Engine

  • Optimized for server side use
  • Completely self contained, no other tool is required for the conversion
  • includes support for .NET, Win32 DLL and ActiveX
  • Converts RTF files to PDF or HTML
  • Converts HTML to PDF or RTF
  • converts RTF or HTML to EMF (save each page as metafile)
  • Creates new RTF or HTML documents
  • Programming API (similar to Product "TextDynamic")
  • Supports multiple character attributes (fonts, font sizes, colors, styles and colors)
  • Paragraph attributes (indents, spacing, alignment, justified text)
  • Tabstops (left, right, decimal, centered and fill signs)
  • Paragraph styles with CSS support
  • Tables, nested tables, row merge, column merge
  • Footnotes
  • Textboxes
  • Columns
  • Headers and Footers
  • Images (BMP, JPEG, EMF, PNG), linked and embedded, also with text wrapped on both sides
  • Hyperlinks and nestable bookmarks
  • Works with data field objects for mail merge

Integrated PDF conversion engine

  • Compression
  • Security (40, 128 bit)
  • Convert embedded EMF to vectors
  • Font embedding, also subsets
  • Supportfor standard brush styles (hatching)
  • TransparentBitBlt
  • Automatic reuse of the same image data. This way, when you export a document which often uses a logo the PDF file will be significantly smaller
  • Creation of PDF/A complient PDF files (with added meta data and PDF tagging when you use it with WPTools)
  • Supportof CID fonts (known as "unicode" support)
  • Reliable and widely used PDF engine wPDF