Xceed Business Suite for WPF について


Xceed Business Suite for WPF is a resource-friendly set of components for building WPF applications. It includes a WPF datagrid control, 3D views, listbox and editors that are all data-virtualized and use various techniques to ensure responsiveness and a high-performance UI. It also provides themes and UX-enhancing controls.

Xceed Business Suite for WPF Features

Set of WPF UI Controls for LOB Solutions

  • Provides 6 time- and resource-friendly WPF controls that integrate into Window Presentation Foundation, which further facilitates the work of developers and designers and enhances development speed.
  • Includes WPF datagrid control, 3D views, listbox, and editors, all data-virtualized to ensure responsiveness and a high-performance UI.
  • Automatic data retrieval only gets records from the remote data source if they are visible (data virtualization). This greatly reduces the amount of data to be transferred, which increases the perceived speed of the listbox.
  • Includes a set of controls specifically designed for designers and developers to target the creation of the best UX possible, one that incorporates lag-masking animations and focus enhancing elements
  • Includes 7 WPF styles/themes that let designers apply a polished, uniform look across the entire app in minutes.

A WPF Datagrid

  • Perfect for situations where the full complexity, depth and breadth of data sets must be presented and edited.
  • Ideal for large data sets and/or remote data sources.
  • Mature and stable, having undergone constant development since its January 2007 release you can trust it in your mission-critical apps.
  • Provides a fluid, high-performance experience.
  • Features hierarchical master-detail and grouping to effortlessly represent tabular data through an intuitive interface.
  • Great choice for corporations, providing support for MVVM, simplified coding for data virtualization with LINQ, and seamless integration into automated user interface test procedures (Coded UI Test).

A WPF Listbox

  • Features item grouping and easy data navigation.
  • Provides an innovative multi-view panel that allows effortless, animated switching between multiple views.
  • Provides “path” panels and views, which allow items to be placed along the path of any geometric figure, for creating unique interfaces.
  • Behaves and feels the way a listbox should.

UX Enhancing Tools

  • Provides switchable 2D layouts through the SwitchPanel core.
  • Gives designers and developers a total of 13 layouts (8 custom and 5 SwitchPanel-compatible versions of stock WPF panels), and features smooth animation and transition of elements between different panels.
  • Real-Time 3D layout technology that provides a component platform for creating 3D interfaces in WPF applications.

Immersive 3D Views

  • Xceed 3D Views for WPF provides an interactive Cardflow 3D view.
  • Includes four multi-surface themes: Three Office themes (Blue, Black, and Silver), and Chameleon (which lets you choose the gradient colors). Also includes several backgrounds, as well as textures for the cards.
  • Features rich in-place editing.
  • Updates source when the cell or row exits edit mode or immediately when the cell content changes.

WPF Themes

  • The WPF themes that Xceed Professional Themes for WPF delivers can be used to style any official Microsoft WPF control and its child items, as well as Page and Window.
  • Provides styles for Microsoft’s datagrid and datepicker controls.
  • Supports implicit styles, so as little as a couple of lines of XAML code are needed to apply beautiful, uniform styles to any WPF application in less than two minutes.
  • Styles can also be applied explicitly for maximum flexibility.
  • Includes the following themes: A Glass theme, to let you create applications that faithfully reproduce the modern look and feel found in Windows Vista and the upcoming Windows 7 operating system, helping end-users focus on the task at hand, rather than on the application and its controls.
  • A Media theme, to let you apply the pleasing styles found in the popular Windows Media Player application. Included is a custom button that resembles the rounded ones found in that application.
  • Three Office themes (black, blue, and silver), to let you create applications with a more traditional but nevertheless modern look that will fit in with past, present, and future operating systems.

A Set of WPF Editors

  • Xceed Editors for WPF delivers 12 essential WPF editor controls for rich input and 15 themes.
  • DatePicker/Calendar: An important editor control not available in WPF.
  • MaskedTextBox: Another important editor control not available in WPF, which specifies a mask format that is applied to the input text.
  • CheckBox: Themed and themable (see Themes section above), unlike the stock WPF control.
  • AutoSelectTextBox: Content is selected when the editor receives focus. The control also performs automatic focus navigation when the caret reaches the end of the text field.
  • ValueRangeTextBox: Adds range validation to ensure that the parsed value that results from the input text is between the MinValue and MaxValues or equal to NullValue. Also verifies the type.
  • NumericTextBox: Specifies what number styles are permitted in the text field.
  • DateTimeTextBox: Provides a date- and time-specific version of the MaskedTextBox that only allows date and time values to be input.
  • Several editors available in the “Advanced Editor Controls” sample IP address: Phone number (North American format), Currency, Exponent, DateTimeTextBox using ShortDate, ShortTime, ShortDateAndShortTime, and ShortDateAndLongTime format.