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We can supply any Aspose.Cells for Java (英語版) license including new subscriptions, subscription renewals, and upgrade licenses.

Read the Aspose License Agreement for detailed license information.


New Licenses

Aspose.Cells for Java (英語版) is available as perpetual license and includes a subscription which entitles you to one year of product updates. When the year has passed you are still licensed to use to the product, so your existing applications that use Aspose will continue to function, but to download and use further updates to the product you first have to renew your subscription.

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Subscription Renewals

A Subscription Renewal entitles you to a further year of product updates, and is the most cost-effective way to ensure that you have the latest features. If you do not renew your Subscription, you are entitled to use your licensed version, but will not have access to any new versions that are released.

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Co-termination / Alignment

If you have multiple subscriptions with different renewal dates and would like to align them, we can help regardless of where you bought them. Live Chat with us to discuss your requirements.


Previous Versions

Purchasing a new license entitles you to download and use any pervious version of the same product. Instructions for how to download previous versions of Aspose.Cells for Java (英語版) are available on the Aspose Web site.

Compare Editions

Aspose.Cells for Java is available individually, in a multi-platform suite (Aspose.Cells Product Family), in a multi-function Java suite (Aspose.Total for Java), or in a multi-platform, multi-function suite (Aspose.Total Product Family). All Aspose.Cells for Java (英語版) licenses include a 1 Year Maintenance Subscription which provides product updates and support.

for Java
Product Family
for Java
Product Family
  ¥ 176,900 ¥ 247,700 ¥ 531,100 ¥ 796,700
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Developer Small Business License

¥ 176,900

Save ¥ 3,600SRP: ¥ 180,500

¥ 247,700

Save ¥ 5,100SRP: ¥ 252,800

¥ 531,100

Save ¥ 10,800SRP: ¥ 541,900

¥ 796,700

Save ¥ 16,200SRP: ¥ 812,900

Developer OEM License

¥ 530,700

Save ¥ 10,800SRP: ¥ 541,500

¥ 743,200

Save ¥ 15,200SRP: ¥ 758,400

¥ 1,593,200

Save ¥ 32,500SRP: ¥ 1,625,700

¥ 2,390,100

Save ¥ 48,700SRP: ¥ 2,438,800

Site Small Business License

¥ 884,500

Save ¥ 18,100SRP: ¥ 902,600

¥ 1,238,700

Save ¥ 25,300SRP: ¥ 1,264,000

¥ 2,655,300

Save ¥ 54,200SRP: ¥ 2,709,500

¥ 3,983,400

Save ¥ 81,300SRP: ¥ 4,064,700

Site OEM License

¥ 2,476,700

Save ¥ 50,500SRP: ¥ 2,527,200

¥ 3,468,300

Save ¥ 70,800SRP: ¥ 3,539,100

¥ 7,434,900

Save ¥ 151,800SRP: ¥ 7,586,700

¥ 11,153,600

Save ¥ 227,700SRP: ¥ 11,381,300

Subscription Renewals

¥ 88,500

Save ¥ 1,800SRP: ¥ 90,300

¥ 123,900

Save ¥ 2,500SRP: ¥ 126,400

¥ 265,500

Save ¥ 5,500SRP: ¥ 271,000

¥ 398,300

Save ¥ 8,200SRP: ¥ 406,500

Royalty Free options available
Perpetual licensing
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(Aspose.Cells for Java (英語版)に関して)

Is the license permanent (perpetual) or temporal (time-limited)?

All Aspose Developer and Site licenses are perpetual, and do not expire. These licenses also include a Subscription, which allows you to access product updates for 1 Year.

What happens after my Subscription expires?

When your Subscription expires, you are still licensed to use to the product so your existing applications that use Aspose will continue to function. In order to download and use further updates to the product you will first have to renew your Subscription.

Can I co-term (align) my existing licenses?

Yes - ComponentSource can arrange co-termination of your licenses, even if they were not originally purchased through us. Please call us or send us a message to discuss your needs.

Can I upgrade?

Upgrade Licenses are not available, but Aspose do offer Post Expiry Susbscription Renewals, which allow a lapsed subscription to be renewed. This allows you to download and use the latest version, and gives you access to 1 Year of product updates.

Is Source Code available?

No. Source Code is not available for Aspose products, however Aspose do offer software escrow services. Please contact us to discuss your requirements.

What type of support do I get?

All users receive free technical support, even before purchase or if their subscription has expired. In addition, three paid support plans are available:

Developer Support

  • Access to the Aspose Paid Support Helpdesk with Priority Support status.
  • Developer Support allows you to post up to 3 incidents per year.
  • 24 hour guaranteed initial response time during weekdays.
  • Issue escalation to product development teams.
  • Hot-fixes delivered to address your issues.
  • Buying support gives you access to the enhanced support option for a year.
  • One Developer Support purchase covers all your Aspose products with valid subscriptions.

Business Support
Includes everything in Developer Support, plus:

  • Allows you to post up to 6 incidents per year.

Enterprise Support
Includes everything in Business Support, plus:

  • Access to the Aspose Paid Support Helpdesk with Enterprise Support status.
  • Assign multiple accounts access to the Paid Support Helpdesk.
  • Direct email or phone communication with the senior support developers.
  • Custom agreement and administrative documentation assistance by using the automated End User License Agreement (EULA) Wizard.
  • Access to Paid Development (at additional cost).