Rainbow PDF Server Based Converter v6.0 MR1

12月 12, 2016 - 14:06


  • Conversion from Word
    • The line break was incorrect in the converted document.
    • The header and images are missing.
    • The font size changed due to the problem in processing the field code.
    • The table across the page was outputted wrong in the second page.
    • The position of the balloon was incorrect due to the incorrect space between lines.
    • The grouped shapes are outputted incorrectly.
    • Objects are outputted repeatedly.
    • The column numbers are not converted correctly in some European documents.
    • An extra page was generated due to the image that exceeds the margin height.
    • Some parts are missing according to the header/footer heights.
  • Conversion from Excel
    • The file name and the date format in the header/footer were not correctly reflected.
    • It’s now available to print when #error occurred in print range settings, that was formerly outputted in blank.
    • The font setting reverted to the default when there was a merged cell went across multiple pages.
    • Text in the cell was not correctly aligned.
  • Conversion from RTF
    • The page header was missing.
  • Other
    • The descriptions in Restriction were added.
    • [Format Cells] – [Alignment] – [Vertical] -[Justify] and [Distributed] are not supported.
    • Date and Time formats that begin with an asterisk (*) as the [Type] aren’t connected with anything specified for an operating system.
Rainbow PDF Server Based Converter

Rainbow PDF Office Server Document Converter (OSDC)(英語版)

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