ComponentOne Studio Blazor Edition 2020 v2

Blazor ChartとWebAssemblyのサポートを強化
7月 30, 2020 - 15:41


  • Important Changes to Licensing - Starting with 2020 v2, ComponentOne is issuing a new serial key and licensing system. If you have an active subscription, then there's nothing you'll need to do right away. When you renew or activate a new machine, you'll want to check out how to use the new GrapeCity License Manager. Along with the new licensing system, developers building Microsoft .NET Core, MVC Core, Blazor, Xamarin, and UWP apps no longer need to use the runtime app keys. GrapeCity have improved the licensing to validate within the NuGet build scripts so once your machine is activated - you are good to go when building your app. No more runtime app keys and no more licenses.licx files.
  • Microsoft .NET Core 3.1 Support - 2020 v2 now supports .NET Core 3.1.
  • Blazor Charts and WebAssembly Support - The Blazor Edition expands this release with the addition of FlexChart and WebAssembly support for all controls.
    • 50+ chart types and customization options.
    • Visualize live data with easy-to-use data binding.
    • Deliver modern data visualizations and dashboards with SVG rendering.
    • High-performance for both Blazor Server and WebAssembly apps.
    • Choose from a comprehensive list of popular chart types including clustered, stacked and composite plots.
    • The same powerful charting engine as other platforms.
Blazor charts

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