ComponentOne Studio Blazor Edition (英語版)

ComponentOne Studio Blazor Edition allows you to use your existing C# programming skills on the server and client with UI controls built natively for Blazor. Includes FlexGrid, a high-performance datagrid with data virtualization along with 50+ chart types and data visualization options. It also includes several essential input controls including AutoComplete, CheckBox and a ComboBox. Blazor allows you to write rich web apps using C# code on both the server and client-side. ComponentOne Blazor controls have the same API and feature set as found on other platforms, so migration to the web is simple and straightforward. FlexGrid and the other controls for Blazor have been developed natively from the ground up, ensuring optimal performance on the platform.

Quickly Deliver Input Forms and Tabular Data Editing in your Web Apps
FlexGrid is a fast datagrid that enables typical data grid features such as tabular data editing, sorting, filtering, and grouping. Plus, ComponentOne Blazor Edition includes several input editors which can be used in data grid cells and other helper controls such as autocomplete, combobox, checkbox, data pager and listview.

Get More than Just a Datagrid with FlexGrid
FlexGrid continues to be the industry's fastest and most...


ComponentOne Studio Blazor Edition 2020 v2
ComponentOne Studio Blazor Edition 2020 v2
Blazor ChartとWebAssemblyのサポートを強化
ComponentOne Studio Blazor Edition 2020 v1
ComponentOne Studio Blazor Edition 2020 v1

価格:¥ 88,100 (税抜)〜

One software license is required per-developer。 A developer may install their license on up to three machines。 Developer Licenses are perpetual and include 1 year Subscription which provides 1 year of...

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