RadiantQ WPF Gantt V9.0

Microsoft .NET Coreをサポート
9月 29, 2020 - 10:37


  • Added Microsoft .NET Core support - Assemblies and a full set of Samples built for .NET Core.
  • Added support for FlexyGantt Multiple Task Selection - Allows users to click select tasks and then perform actions.
  • Added "BeforeOverlappingSet" event in FlexyGantt to handle events when overlapping of tasks occurs.
  • Added the ability to export Gantts to Microsoft Excel.
  • Added support for binding "ProjectStartDate" property.
  • Improved exporting of Gantt Images.
  • CanResizeActivity - Raised to allow you to prevent resizing a specific activity in the Gantt chart.
RadiantQ WPF Gantt

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