RavenDB v5.1.5

March 02, 2021 - 14:08


  • Server
    • [Certificates] You can now set DisableCertificateDownloads to true when building a certificate chain.
    • [Indexes] Memory optimizations in Lucene.
    • [Indexes] Changing additional sources should now affect index etag which is used to calculate query results caching etag.
    • [Indexes] Expected exceptions should no longer generate an index error.
    • [Indexes] Decreased the cost of retrieving the data from index stats endpoint.
    • [Indexes] When document collection does not match the specified collection in LoadDocument then null should now be returned.
    • [Indexes] Index definition comparison should now be newline-insensitive.
    • [Monitoring] Exposed SWAP usage on Microsoft Windows in SNMP.
    • [Monitoring] Added managed memory, unmanaged memory, encryption buffers memory in use and encryption buffers memory in pool to SNMP.
    • [Replication] You can now properly clone replication items to avoid using memory not owned by the replication process which could result in AccessViolationException.
    • [Revisions] You can now properly set flags during putting deleted revision from a cluster transaction.
    • [Microsoft .NET] Updated to .NET 5.0.3.
  • Client API
    • [Operations] Added 'GetRevisionsOperation'.
    • [Querying] You can now wrap next binary expression after negation in sub clauses.
  • Studio
    • [Backup] Added 'Content-Type' header so browsers like Firefox can then recognize file name properly of exported database.




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