Actipro Micro Charts for UWP について


Actipro Navigation は、スタイルでアニメ化されたエキスパンダーコントロールと一緒に、 WPF アプリケーション利用のためにデザインされたNavigationBarとExplorerBarを含むコントロールスイートです。Actipro Navigation for WPFは Actipro WPF Studioの一部です。全てのActipro WPF コンポーネントライセンスは一年間のメジャー / マイナーな新しいバージョンへの無料のアップグレードを含みます。Actipro Navigation for WPFはソースコードも利用可能です。ランタイムロイヤリティフリー。

Chart Types

  • Line charts, with various line and marker options
  • Scatter charts that support multiple marker kinds
  • Area charts, with stacked and 100% stacked variants
  • Bar charts, with stacked and 100% stacked variants
  • Win/loss charts
  • Box plots that visualize statistical measures, like median, mean, and quartiles
  • Bullet graphs that render a measure within the context of other measures
  • Candlestick charts that show price movements over time
  • Heat maps, with marker color and/or size changing features

Data Sources

  • Combine multiple series into a single chart
  • Bind a series to any IEnumerable
  • Simple numeric value collections and complex data object collections are supported
  • Multiple data aggregation features improve rendering

Appearance Features

  • Designed to render crisply at small sizes and even be used in-line with text
  • Numerous highlight effect options to call attention to key data points
  • Set chart baseline value and optionally make it visible
  • Apply alternate styles for 'negative' values
  • Customizable min/max values for each axis to create fixed scales
  • Vertical and horizontal ranges that can highlight data ranges
  • Customizable hot-tracking tooltips
  • Over 10 built-in palettes and an enormous number of style customization options