AddTapi.NET supports Microsoft Telephony Application Programming Interface (TAPI) 1.3 - 3.1 and works with all TAPI-compatible telephony hardware, from voice modems to advanced telephony boards to TAPI-compatible PBX systems. Version 5.0 adds support for conference calls with 3 or more parties, support for text-to-speech and audio playback, detailed line status information and support for Visual Studio 2005-2015.

AddTapi.NET - 100% managed code telephony in .NET
With AddTapi.NET you can easily add telephony features to your C#, VB.NET or C++ application. AddTapi.NET has everything you need to develop telephony applications such as:

  • Interactive Voice Response (IVR) Systems
  • Caller ID Applications
  • Voice Mail Systems
  • Phone Dialers
  • Call Recorders
  • Notification Systems
  • Call Tracking Applications
  • Phone Surveys

AddTapi.NET wraps Microsoft Telephony Application Programming Interface (TAPI) and provides a set of...


AddTapi.NET 5.2
AddTapi.NET 5.2
通話状態処理機能とSIT(Special Information Tone)検出機能を改善

価格:¥ 70,700 (税抜)〜

Developer and Site Licenses: AddTapi。NET is licensed per developer。 A license is required for each developer who will use AddTapi。NET。 You are only required to purchase a license for each developer...


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