Aspose.PDF for .NET V19.8

Released: Aug 6, 2019

V19.8 での更新項目


  • Introduce HtmlSaveOptions.FlowLayoutParagraphFullWidth option.


  • HTML to PDF - output file size is larger than input file .
  • Problem adding a table with Top property set.
  • Set specific font for substitution.
  • Investigate HtmlFragment object memory not released after disposing of PDF Document object.
  • Table radius borders are not honoring the background color properties.
  • The margins are not preserved in DOCX output.
  • PDF to JPG - Output image contains blue section instead of the original image inside PDF.
  • StackOverFlowException occurred while converting Page to PNG.
  • PDF to PDF/A-2b -  API throws System.NullReferenceException Exception.
  • XML to PDF - Table is overlapped with other content due to the floating box.
  • XML to PDF - NullReferenceException when adding Image through XSLT.
  • FootNote and EndNote NullReferenceException with XSLT.
  • Checkboxes are being rendered at the bottom of the page when using HtmlFragment.
  • PDF to DOCX - Bold Text from PDF is not marked bold in DOCX.
  • PDF to HTML - Output has unknown characters.
  • Missing Text in JPEG conversion.
  • Empty string in the result of action.URI.
  • ImportAnnotationFromXfdf throws an exception.
  • A System.NullReferenceException is thrown on saving the source document.
  • Count of OutlineCollection is wrong after deleting a bookmark.
  • ArgumentOutOfRangeException during PDF to PDF/A.
  • PDF page to TIFF - JpegDevice.Process method throws a null pointer error.
  • PDF to PDF_A_1B - an empty PDF is generated.
  • PDF to DOCX - an image is cut off from left and bottom sides.
  • PDF to PDF/A - compliance failure: Form field has multiple appearances.
  • PDF to PDF/A - IndexOutOfRangeException during conversion.
  • PDF to PDF/A - Exception occurs when trying to perform consecutive conversion attempts.
  • PDF to PDF/A - Exception during conversion.
  • Text not wrapping to multiple lines after replace.
  • Text is not properly extracted from the document.
  • An exception is thrown when loading HTML to PDF with a max-width set.
  • Unsupported Name table format exception when opening PostScript file.
  • The stream is closed after import of fields.
  • PDF to DOCX results in ArgumentOutOfRangeException: Index was out of range.
  • Extra spaces appeared in text line after replacement.
  • Replace adjustment works incorrectly with multi-column text.
  • Incorrect text line hyphenation after replacement.
  • Increase character spacing while replacing text in PDF.
  • Adding TabStops inside Header/Footer of the Page is not working.
  • Redacting the word, rest of the sentence moves towards the left
  • Aspose.Pdf: PostScript document loading error.
  • PDF to HTML - content is not full width.