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Shawn Gustafson, Reed Groupアメリカ合衆国5 つ星

My company needed a library to enable us to programmatically modify PDF files. We found Aspose.PDF for .Net and it turned out to be exactly what we needed. It had every feature we needed including... 続きを読む


Shawn Gustafson, Reed Groupアメリカ合衆国5 つ星

My company needed a library to enable us to programmatically modify PDF files. We found Aspose.PDF for .Net and it turned out to be exactly what we needed. It had every feature we needed including populating pre-defined form fields in a PDF file, creating form fields, adding bookmarks, encrypting / decrypting PDFs, and much more.

Aspose is also remarkably easy to use. The documentation was thorough and easy to follow, but the API was so simple and intuitive that we barely needed to consult the docs. All we had to do was reference the Aspose library in our project, and from then on, it was as easy as using a native part of the .Net framework. We figured out most of what we needed with nothing but Intellisense, but when we did need to consult the documentation, it was easy to find what we needed.

Sheldon 南アフリカ5 つ星

We encountered a project where we needed PDF to TIFF conversion and we then decided to use Aspose.PDF for .NET. We found that the PDF conversion was very fast, supports multi threading and quality of the output is easily controlled and set to our requirements. It was quick and easy to implement into our project and so far it has made a positive impact for us. Our experience with Aspose products so far is very positive and quality of the product is very high. We will certainly continue to source Aspose components first when needed before looking elsewhere.

Chad アメリカ合衆国5 つ星

We have been using Aspose for our document conversion and parsing needs for over ten years. There have been several migrations and instances where we have tested alternative platforms but we continue to utilize Aspose because of the large community of support, easily available examples, and widely adopted usage of the product. We are currently using Aspose PDF and Words products to handle various conversion tasks throughout our stack. Aspose is particularly strong at delivering renderings in real time and converting to other formats quickly. Additional appreciated options are watermarking and highlighting. Overall, Aspose produces a sound product and has been a valuable partner.

Ryan Wアメリカ合衆国5 つ星

I had a requirement to be able to read in a PDF document and inject rich text annotations containing priorietary information from my database. I also had the requirement to convert to/from other formats on the fly in my application and perform other manipulations to the document. I tried to use other products and they were either:

  • Very complicated to use (the next best option I found out there took me days to build something, using tons of code, and the results were never quite right).
  • Had unacceptable performance (performance was critical, the end user could not wait for minutes to get the updated document).
  • Would take me way too long to implement the functionality I needed with all the bugs and performance issues ironed out. I needed to get it out the door ASAP.

I decided to give the Aspose PDF component a try, and I was able to implement a rock solid solution in a matter of hours. The library was much easier to use compared to the other options I tried. Performance is great, and it is also much more accurate than the other options I previously tried to cobble together myself. The amount of time it saved me was well worth the price of the license.

I would highly recommend using this component if you need to handle PDF's in your .NET applications.

Seanアメリカ合衆国5 つ星

Great product. After using the API solution for Aspose for over 3 months, my company is moving towards buying a full license. We originally looked at over 10 different technologies that could support our PDF conversion and manipulation needs. Aspose API provided a great introductory solution as we were testing the feasibility of the business. So now we find that (a) the business is a success and (b) our needs are outweighing the API. We are also looking for more features that the API doesn't have like editing capabilities. So we are moving forward with a typical IAAS solution on Azure which is very easy to do with Aspose.PDF for .NET. So really pleased, the only thing I would say to be aware of if you choose the API solution is price. We found getting an actual license is much, much cheaper vs. API once you get to a few thousand calls a month.

daveK2 ご購入済みのお客様アメリカ合衆国5 つ星

Aspose provide really great libraries. The Aspose .Pdf for .Net is the second library we have used. Its full featured, very reliable and the support from Aspose is impressive. K2 will continue to partner with Aspose for our needs in this space.

haythamkKuwait5 つ星

Our interest was in Aspose.Pdf for .NET development, and we found it very useful, but also other tools (we didn’t test yet) seem to be very useful as well.

Aspose.Pdf is very helpful in dealing with any PDF file, and includes a variety of methods (including OCR which has a fantastic performance and accuracy)

Finally, you can treat Aspose.Pdf for .NET as a time and money saving solution. Enjoy!

richardUk5 つ星

I am the IT manager of a leading UK e-learning company, and decided to make the switch to Aspose.PDF for .NET based on the ease of use, as well as the exemplary documentation. I have used a number of PDF generators in the past, which were all poorly designed and/or documented. In our systems, have a number of reports to print, many of which are designed to meet government standards, and this helped us do that with ease; we generate and print a certificate in just 3 lines of code.

This product has more than paid for itself in time saved in development and testing; it stands head and shoulders above every other PDF generator.

NaomiIsrael5 つ星

As Department of Computing at Israel Lands Authority (government office), we have searched a long time for a product that converts Word documents to a PDF files. We tried many programs, but because it is necessary to support the Hebrew language, not all software could give us an answer to this. Besides, a Ministry of Government produces a lot of files for citizens and it is important that files be reliable, efficient and accurate.

We recently received a recommendation for the product Aspose.Words and we downloaded the free trial version. We have tried the product for different documents types and the result was excellent. PDF file preserved the original design and fonts appear in the source file, although the Hebrew language. We strongly encourage those who have a need to convert word documents to use Apose.Words.

vavadhanula - TX, USA5 つ星

The feature we were trying to add was one that allowed our users to include a visual signature to PDF files. One of the key requirements for this feature was that we cannot use any third party control/product that required us to post/forward (implicitly or explicitly) the PDF file to their hosted site. We needed a control/product that we can deploy fully on our servers with no outbound posts to their product’s site. Using Aspose.Pdf for .NET, here is how we solved our use case:

1. We converted the PDF to an image file using Aspose.
2. We then displayed this PDF image to the user for identifying the signature sections in the PDF. (We created a transparent DIV that the user could drag on top of this PDF image for this purpose)
3. Each signature section was uniquely ID’d.
4. We used one of the common jQuery plug-ins for capturing the user’s name/signature in different font styles. This plug-in also allowed the user to draw their signature.
5. When the appropriate reviewer was ready to sign the document, we use the Aspose.NET for PDF code to place the signature image on the PDF file.

Though we had to jump through a few hoops, Aspose.Pdf for .NET was able to help us meet our needs in a cost effective manner. As others have noted in their reviews, their price is a bit high, but compared to others in the market place, they are still on the affordable side.