Aspose.Tasks for Java について

Microsoft Projectのファイルの作成と管理

Aspose.Tasks for Javaは、開発者がMicrosoft Projectを使用せずにMicrosoft Projectのドキュメントを操作可能にするプロジェクト管理APIです。開発者は、プロジェクトの計画、定義、およびトラッキングのように、プロジェクト管理の様々なステージを制御することができます。

Supported File Formats


  • Microsoft Project: MPP, MPT, MPX, XML

Output Only

  • Primavera: P6 XML, PM XER, XML
  • Microsoft Excel: XLSX
  • Fixed Layout: PDF
  • Images: JPEG, PNG, BMP, TIFF, SVG
  • Text: TXT
  • Others: HTML

Advanced Project Management API Features

  • Read, change and write Microsoft Project files.
  • Read MPP and XML project formats.
  • Create, update and write projects in XML project formal.
  • Read MPP project files and update summary information.
  • Change default project settings.
  • Convert MPP projects to XML format.
  • Change main project settings.
  • Manage extended attributes.
  • Render project data to HTML.
  • Define weekdays for the project.
  • Define weekdays for calendars and calendar exceptions.
  • Read and write calendars for tasks and resources.
  • Manage task baseline scheduling and durations.
  • Handle constraints on tasks.
  • Create and manage links between tasks.
  • Read, change and create tasks, milestone, estimated, critical or effort driven tasks.
  • Manage resources costs and variances.
  • Access assignment costs and budget.