PowerSNMP for .NET について


PowerSNMP for .NET はネットワークデバイスとリモートマネジメントインフォメーションを管理するために使われる .NET クラスとコンポーネントのファミリーです。SNMPv1, SNMPv2, SNMPv3 and ASN.1 standards に対するフルサポートがエンタープライスデバイスを互換性に提供します。マネージャとエージェントコンポーネントはトランスポートと支援のクラスのセットが提供するメッセージを提供する MIB インフォメーション、エンコーディング / デコーディングとエンクリプション / デクリプション。MIB ファイルが解析されて、そして C# とフルの intellisense サポートを提供する Visual Basic プロジェクトの中に読み込むことができます。MIB コンパイラがオンデマンドに新しいクラスとオブジェクトを生成するためにランタイムに動的に MIB ファイルをロードします。

Main Features:

  • SNMPv3 provides comprehensive security for enterprise resources. Messages can be constructed using no security, authentication only, or authentication and privacy
  • Create custom SNMP Manager applications using Windows forms or ASP.NET
  • Create custom SNMP Trap Managers that automate any process
  • Create custom SNMP Agent applications that report statistics on software applications or attached devices
  • The Manager and Agent components provide full drag/drop integration into Visual Studio
  • The Manager component sends SNMP requests and receives responses and traps from SNMP agents. All encoding/decoding is automatic
    • The Timeout and MaxRetries properties are used to recover from dropped packets
    • Complete tables can be retrieved using a single method
    • "Inform" requests are fully supported
    • Synchronous methods return a response or table to the calling application, and can be used in ASP.NET
    • Responses to requests generated by asynchronous methods are reported by events
  • The Agent component generates responses to requests and can also initiate trap messages
    • An event is raised when each request is received
    • Default response messages are generated from OID (IID) values the application caches in the Variables property
  • The Message class is the base class for all SNMP messages:
    • The RequestMessage class is the base class for GetMessage, GetNextMessage, GetBulkMessage, SetMessage and InformMessage.
    • The TrapMessage class is an SNMPv1 trap
    • The NotifyMessage class is an SNMPv2+ trap
    • The ResponseMessage class is used by the Agent and Manager components, respectively, to encode and decode responses
  • The MibNodes class is used to manage MIB files and associated classes:
    • Standard MIB objects, traps and notifications from the SNMPv2 SMI (Structure of Management Information) are included as intrinsic classes
    • MIB Parser and Code Generator - C# and VB source code classes can be interactively generated from MIB files within the IDE
    • MIB Compiler - Mib classes derived from MibNode can be generated from MIB files and loaded on demand at runtime
  • No knowledge of SNMP message formats is required. Documentation provides basic theory of operation
  • Requires no system services beyond basic network transport (independent of Windows SNMP Service)