Studio Controls for COM について

COMベースIDEに対応した、業界標準のWindows UIと予定表コンポーネント

Optimize the time from concept to solution. Integrating standards based modern Windows UI and scheduling component software advances time to market and offers application developers a whole new set of features at a fraction of traditional application development cost. Take advantage today. Studio Controls for COM offers enterprise developers a complete set of modern Windows UI design, data presentation, navigation and Outlook style appointment scheduling software components. Industry tested, this suite of 62 ActiveX controls offers Enterprise software developers an unparalleled time to market advantage.

Adding Outlook style scheduling, calendaring and navigation is quick and easy with Studio Controls for .COM. The product comes with 62 royalty free - appointment scheduling, Outlook Bar style navigation, calendar, date selection, navigation and UI presentation components, as well, DBI's top of class List and TreeView controls. Integrate standards based component software in your project development and advance the time from idea to market. Studio Controls for COM offers development teams a whole new set of features at a fraction of the cost of building your own.

All DBI component software products include one full year of technical support, component updates, product upgrades and online 24x7 software license management.

What's Included with Studio Controls for .NET
Studio Controls for COM is comprised of 62 controls falling into these categories and individual component descriptions:

Appointment Scheduling:

  • ct Alarm - programmable alarm capable of firing single or recursive alarms
  • ct Calendar - a scrolling virtual calendar of month and week views
  • ct Contact - an enhanced list control designed specifically for contact management.
  • ct DayView - a multi column Day View control displaying multiple days for a single resource or a single day for multiple resources.
  • ct DropDate - date-edit object with a built-in drop-down calendar, smart data-entry features.
  • ct Week - planner object for viewing one or more days worth of activities at a glance.


  • ct Date - a monthly calendar presenting one or two months at a time.
  • ct Month - a customizable month view providing visual flexibility and built-in functionality.
  • ct Year - calendar for displaying multiple consecutive months in either 3, 4, 6 or 12 configurations.

List, Tree and Grid:

  • ct Combo - drop down list control offering multiple columns, built-in sorting, images lists, edit, import/ export XML styles, XML data.
  • ct Grid - data entry and data presentation component includes formatted data entry, current styles, combo boxes, column locking, column sorting, auto column sizing, XML data current styles and themes ...
  • ct List - high volume data presentation, ctList is an ideal control for reporting and data presentation
  • ct SList - scrolling list similar in behavior to rolling credits
  • ct Tree - navigational hierarchical tree and data outline control, printing, multi column, sorting

Data Entry and Presentation Controls:

  • ct Banner - Banner headlines with animated graphics
  • ct Clip - picture clip for managing multiple animation and other images
  • ct Dial - 2D/ 3D formats - unique Dial presentations
  • ct Gauge - represent instrumentation panels
  • ct Meter - progress meter - vertical or horizontal orientation.
  • ct Ruler - timeline / data presentation as increments of common measure

Dialogue Controls:

  • ct ColorButton - button control with a drop down color palette.
  • ct ColorCombo - color combo-box, drop down color list.
  • ct Color - Color Dialog Box
  • ct ColorPicker - color common dialogue box
  • ct File - standard FileOpen and FileSave dialogues
  • ct Font - access to system fonts and font styles
  • ct Print - activates the standard Print Common Dialog

General Presentation Controls:

  • ct Calc - simple calculator
  • ct Frame - container object with title bars, and border effects
  • ct Group - manage child components using one container
  • ct HTML - browser object
  • ct Radio - enhanced radio button object
  • ct Scroll - custom scroll bars
  • ct Size - sizes and/or positions child controls
  • ct Split - application interfaces with discrete navigational zones
  • ct Tray - places icons in the system tray.
  • ct Wave - wave file player

Navigation Controls:

  • ct Button - transparent, 2D and 3D button styes
  • ct DropMenu - drop-down or popup menus - add pictures, text, sub-text, background, and text colors for each item.
  • ct ExplorerBar - custom outlook style explorer bar
  • ct Hyperlink - caption component that allows users to open linked documents.
  • ct Listbar - a multi-column navigation component - display sets of sliding lists;
  • ct Menu - invisible menu notification object.
  • ct NavBar - is a hybrid hierarchical tree-view / list bar wrapped into a single presentation.
  • ct Push - enhanced picture push button component implemented with text and/or an image, assigned to an accelerator key
  • ct Tabs - tab strip component that hosts a series of tabs in a single strip.
  • ct Toolbar - horizontal toolbar and menu component displaying a series of buttons used to create a toolbar

Presentation Controls:

  • ct Clock - customizable analog and digital style interfaces
  • ct Digit - displays alpha-numeric characters
  • ct Fold - container Tab object
  • ct Image - invisible image list stores 50 bitmaps, icons or meta-files, and 50 file paths (URLs)
  • ct Panel - four panel Outlook / Explorer style presentations
  • ct Paper - text label with paper background
  • ct Slide - programmable slider
  • ct Spin - spinner-button component for incrementing or decrementing values.
  • ct Spiral - simulates a spiral tabbed notebook interface.
  • ct Text - enhanced text label, display text at any angle, 3D styles, custom image support
  • ct Tips - present context sensitive information at active areas on a form

Edit Controls:

  • ct Check - five-state check box
  • ct DEdit - date / time masked edit
  • ct MEdit - flexible data masked interface for validating / formatting text
  • ct NEdit - enhanced numeric edit - integers, reals, floating point and currency


  • Fully documented sample applications written in C# and VB .NET
  • Samples demonstrate important features of each control in the product;
  • Compiled sample applications encapsulated in a quick demo launcher;
  • Complete detailed technical documentation and Developing With tutorials for each control;
  • Double click Product Manager provides direct access to all product assets