xAIgent is an automated solution for giving accurate and contextual relevance to unstructured data -Objectively 100% of the time. Text, Email, or HTML documents ... the xAIgent quickly returns from 3-30 Key Phrases along with their relative rankings and highlight examples of usage. Available for English, French, German, Japanese, Korean and Spanish languages. Ideal for web text extraction, search optimization (SEO), intelligent text mining, refined search, advanced terror detection, knowledge management (KM), information retrieval (IR), semantic web development, indexing, categorization, cataloguing, inference engines, document management, portal services, speed reading, trend analysis, and weblog tagging.

You have amassed a huge volume of information, data, document library - now, what are you going to do with it? How will you divine the critical relevance from each document, email, text - all of that unstructured data? Accurately and consistently?

The xAIgent Web Service API consumes any subject domain text and turns that text into a concise list of descendingly important keywords and key phrases. xAIgent uses a process that has uncommon accuracy and with contextual validity giving the...


xAIgent RESTful Web Service
xAIgent RESTful Web Service

価格:¥ 40,400 (税抜)〜

Licensed per year、 per Service Request。 xAIgent is available in a number of different subscriptions。 Included Service Requests per month: Intro Subscription: 1、000 per month、 Get It Done Subscription...


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