dbiCalendarWPF について


dbiCalendarWPF is straight forward and to the point, providing appointment scheduling and calendar presentations for WPF application development. dbiCalendarWPF combines three direct edit controls; a Multi Column Day/Resource View, a Month Calendar View and a Week Calendar View, into one compact, feature rich, royalty free WPF control.

dbiCalendarWPF offers developers the right set of tools for managing:

  • Appointments,
  • Contacts,
  • Locations
  • Tasks
  • User/Owner Drawn Columns

with direct inline editing, built-in context menus, and full data integration including multi-level grouping and sorting.

dbiCalendarWPF combines three controls;  a Multi Column Day/Resource View,  a Month Calendar View and  a Week Calendar View, into one compact, feature rich, royalty free WPF control. Perfect for adding scheduling functionality in any WPF application.

Data Integration - dbiCalendarWPF has been designed for data flexibility giving developers the freedom to integrate and capture data as they need to. Connect to any data source from XML to Oracle to DB2 to ... what ever your data repository requirements are. 

Many to Many relationships - dbiCalendarWPF expertly manages one-to-many and many-to-many relationships. It's not uncommon for one appointment, a conference call for instance, to appear in many locations, have many contacts and many tasks associated with that activity.  dbiCalendarWPF is the right solution for managing and presenting multi - relational scheduling requirements.

DBI component solutions have been used in the Healthcare field for fifteen years, and it's common for dental practice solutions for example to use DBI Scheduling components to help manage the multi - task aspects of appointment and resource scheduling.

Variable Time Intervals - Life doesn't happen in nice even 15, 30 or 60 minute intervals. Life happens around the clock in any combination and permutation of time. Onsite service personnel are scheduled when they're needed, Golf Course Tee Times are scheduled on 7 minute intervals and components of a dentist appointment may range from 2 minutes to 75 minutes.  Being able to present WPF schedules in increments from 1 minute to 60 minutes and any combination in between is only natural.

Direct appointment creation and appointment editing - dbiCalendarWPF is designed to allow an appointment to be created directly upon selection of a time cell - just start typing. Also, an appointment can be modified directly upon selection.

With the click of a Right mouse button modify the properties of an appointment directly through the built-in context menus, for: Date, Contact, Location, Task, View or a custom programmed menu option.

dbiCalendarWPF does away with the need for an appointment dialogue with its built in Context Menus.  An appointment dialogue is included should you need one.

Enhance your User's Scheduling Experience with direct modification of appointment properties using dbiCalendarWPF's built-in context menus. Add / Edit appointments, Contacts, Locations and Tasks without ever seeing an edit dialogue.