Event Log Toolkit について

この電子Bookのシリーズでは、 Dan Appleman のいろいろな .NET トピックに関しての短い記事のコレクションを提供します。

以前に出版されたものもアップデートされ、コレクションのために拡張されています。記事の大部分はVB.Net とC# サンプルコードの両方を含みます。

Desaware's new Event Log Toolkit makes creation of event sources easy, and provides all the tools needed to create and log custom events. Now your applications and services can support event logs in a professional manner, as recommended by Microsoft.

Consider these great features:

  • Create custom event sources with our easy to use event source editing application
  • Event sources created with this toolkit are self-registering - no more manual register updates
  • Event sources created with this toolkit have zero dependencies - just ship the DLL file
  • Support unlimited languages in each event source
  • Define unlimited custom event categories for easy analysis by event log analysis tools
  • Supports full parameter substitution for messages
  • onstants for event identifiers are automatically exported into a Visual Basic .BAS file
  • Event identifiers may be defined from separate severity, facility and number fields, in the manner recommended by Microsoft. Constants for all fields are also exported to a Visual Basic .BAS file
  • Visual Basic sample code is included to read the event log, report events, backup the event log, and detect changes to the event log
  • No royalties charged for distribution of event sources created with this toolkit