DevExpress BI Dashboard について


Create and distribute royalty-free decision support systems and effortlessly share business intelligence (BI) across your entire enterprise. Use the intuitive Dashboard Designer alongside the Dashboard Viewer and embed fully-configurable dashboards into WinForms, WPF, Blazor, Web Forms, ASP.NET Core, Angular, React, Vue apps.

Desktop or Web & Mobile

  • The WinForms and WPF Dashboard components allow you to embed a royalty-free Dashboard Viewer or End-User Dashboard Designer directly into your desktop application (includes a read-to-go, elegant Office-inspired Ribbon interface with comprehensive customization options).
  • The ASP.NET Web Forms, MVC, ASP.NET Core, Blazor, client-side Angular/Vue/React Dashboard components allow you to deploy an all-in-one solution and switch between Viewer and Designer modes directly on the web client (includes adaptive layouts for tablet & mobile).

Enterprise Ready Intelligence

  • With DevExpress Dashboard for .NET, Angular, React and Vue, creating insightful and information-rich decision support systems for executives and business users across platforms and devices is a simple matter of selecting the appropriate UI widget (Chart, Pivot Table, Data Card, Gauge, TreeMap, Map, Grid or simple Filter elements) and dropping data fields onto corresponding arguments, values, and series.

Rich data visualization for Desktop and Web

  • DevExpress BI Dashboard delivers flexible, interactive, and fully customizable user experiences that are optimized for real-time data consumption and analysis. It ships with 15+ interactive dashboard UI widgets and allows you to implement custom widgets manually.
    • Charts.
    • Grid.
    • Cards.
    • Maps.
    • TreeMap.
    • Range Filter.
    • Gauges.
    • Pivot.

Enterprise Ready Designers

  • The DevExpress BI Dashboard designer allows you to create fully interactive business intelligence dashboards for Windows, the Web and Mobile devices without writing a single line of code. Straightforward and intuitive runtime customization means your organization can reduce development time and associated costs by allowing users to personalize dashboards as their requirements dictate.
  • DevExpress BI Dashboard makes dashboard design easier by introducing a fully optimized drag & drop design surface so you can deliver professional business-oriented dashboards in record time.

Information Analysis Made Easy

  • BI Dashboard ships with a fully integrated suite of powerful and high-performance data analysis features so you can deliver intuitive and easy-to-read business intelligence dashboards in the shortest possible time.
    • Master Filtering & Drill-Down.
    • Calculated Fields & Dashboard Parameters.
    • Window Calculations.
    • Conditional Formatting.
    • Summaries & Aggregates.
    • Grouping / Sorting / Filtering.
  • Whether building a dashboard for the desktop, the web, or your mobile world, you can incorporate the same data analysis features and include the same visualization elements across platforms/devices.

Appearance Customization

  • Create a unique experience that users of all devices. Choose from dozens of highly polished desktop and fully responsive web themes and deliver elegant business intelligence applications.
    • You can use each of these themes easily, without modification or manipulate them using the free Theme Builder applications for the Desktop and Web.
    • You can specify a theme when you ship your BI application or allow end-users to modify the look and feel of your business application on the fly.

Any Data Source. Anytime.

  • DevExpress Dashboard for .NET allows you to spend more time on business logic and less time on UI customization. Whether it's manipulation of individual chart series, specifying a pivot table's dimensions or connecting UI elements to fields across different data-sources or data providers, DevExpress Dashboard allows you to create your dashboard data source once via the built-in data source wizard and drag the desired fields from the field browser to the data visualization drop area.