DlhSoft Project Management Library for WPF(英語版)


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2011 年より日本国内にてComponentSourceで販売中。

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We've used several different Gantt...

generalUnited Kingdom5 つ星
We've used several different Gantt components over the years, trying to add good quality time scheduling into our commercial application. This one is the best by far to date. Just about every aspect of the appearance and behaviour is determined by xaml templates (which can be easily modified or extended), or can be modified through the API. That API is enormous and extends into every aspect of managing the Gantt and other the other controls. Don't expect to find "project-centred" data management and storage - it's basically up to you how you store and use your data. This was ideal for us as we already have all the information stored in our application databases, and we were able to adapt the PM Library controls to handle our data without any modification to the underlying data storage, simply modifying the controls to use our own data in the way we wanted. Support has been very responsive, and haven't encountered any significant issues that weren't our own fault ;-) Some more code examples within the reference documentation would be useful, but there are also a lot of VS sample projects included. Highly recommended (and I have no connection with the company). Nick Friend, Tekhne Ltd.