FastCube FMX のリリース

Released: Oct 27, 2016

1.4 での更新項目


  • Added support for RAD Studio 10.1 Berlin.
  • Added published properties Restrictions: TfcxZoneRestrictions for Zones to prohibit schema change by users.
  • Added events TfcxSlice.OnBeforeRemoveSliceFieldFromRegion, OnBeforeAddSliceFieldToRegion and OnAfterAddSliceFieldToRegion.
  • Added property TfcxMeasureField.ChangeNULLtoZero: boolean.
  • Added property TfcxSlice.OnInterpreterCreated: TfcxInterpreterCreated.
  • Added property TfcxpSliceGridReport.Orientation: TPrinterOrientation.
  • Added functions...

Released: Feb 3, 2016

Updates in this release

Updates in 1.2

  • Added support for Embarcadero Rad Studio 10 Seattle (Delphi/C++Builder).
  • Added support for ShortInt fields.
  • Added the ability to restore selected cells after loading a schema.
  • Added export to CSV.
  • Reimplemented XML-A export.
  • Fixed error in groups expanding.
  • Fixed error in recompile.exe.
  • Fixed errors in language resources.
  • Fixed error in HTML and Excel exports (error with property RepeatValues).

Released: Aug 27, 2015

Updates in this release

Updates in 1.1

  • Added support of Embarcadero Rad Studio XE8 (Delphi XE8/C++Builder XE8)
  • Added property TfcxAxisContainer.DimCaption[ALevel: TfcxSmallCount; AVisIndex: Integer]: TfcxString
  • Added OnPrepareSaveDialog event for export components. This allows to setup save dialog before showing it to user.
  • Additional totals uses property CalcTotalsOnTotals
  • Added sorting in CubeGrid and DetailGrid
  • Added TfcxSlice.ApplyDefaultSettings
  • Added TfcxSlice.ResetDisplayLabelOfFields
  • Added aggregate function...

Released: Dec 2, 2014

Updates in this release


  • Support for the following Embarcadero products:
    • RAD Studio XE7.
    • Delphi XE7.
    • C++Builder XE7.