FastReport FMX について

FireMonkey 向け帳票出力ツール。

FastReport FMX VCLは、レポートをすばやく、効果的に作成できるようにするアドオンコンポーネントです。FastReport FMXは、レポートを開発するのに必要なツールセットを提供します。それはビジュアルレポートデザイナー、レポートコアおよび「プレビュー」ウィンドウです。そのツールは、Embarcadero FireMonkey IDE (Delphi for MS Windows 又は Apple Mac OS X)の環境で使用されます。

FastReport FMX Features:

Report Data

  • Any Database - FastReport FMX works with all the databases which are available in FireMonkey
  • Users' data - Application can be used as the datasource too

Report Design

  • Visual report designer - Full featured modern report editor with a huge set of tools for visual forming, creating, tuning and changing of report templates
  • Easy and clear classic interface
  • Separate tabs "report design", "data" and "code"
  • Objects: shape, charts, line, table, "flag", picture, gradient,  cross-tab, bar-code (and 2D bar-codes too) etc.

Report Engine
FastReport was specially optimized and tested for producing reports for real businesses.

  • Band-oriented report generator provides a wide choice reports
  • Code-based report
  • Multi-pages and multi-templates reports
  • Cross-tab reports allow you to build table reports with complex titles from one datasource
  • Interactivity. Dialogs forms, Drill-Down reports, call a report from another report by clicking from a preview window
  • Internal interpretator (FastScript) with 4 programming languages: PascalScript, C++Script, BasicScript, Jscript

Reports Delivery

  • Preview window
  • Send prepared reports to print
  • Export filters
  • PDF (internal in macOS), txt, bmp, jpeg, gif, tiff, png, html, ODS, ODT, CSV

Flexibility and Internationalization

  • Flexible architecture. If you need something more from FastReport there is the possibility to add it: create and connect your own objects, export filters, functions, DB enjines
  • UNICODE. Reports can be on any language
  • Localization. FastReport's interface is localized to 32 languages
  • Includes Source Code for FastReport, making customization easier