About Infragistics WebHtmlEditor

Content management and spell checking in ASP.NET.

Infragistics WebHtmlEditor is an editing tool which can be easily added to your Web application to provide your end users with a rich HTML editing experience. Infragistics WebHtmlEditor provides end users with a What You See Is What You Get (WYSIWYG) editing window, which menas creation and maintenance of HTML content becomes possible on any Web page.

Infragistics WebHtmlEditor includes support for HTML, XHTML and plain text. Infragistics WebHtmlEditor is a versatile tool for pages which require formatted text input and editing. The editing window provides you with a familiar interface, comprised of the following fully-customizable and localizable regions:

  • Toolbars - containing buttons and drop down lists for editing and upload operations
  • Edit window - displaying HTML content for editing or previewing
  • Tab Strip - enabling the end user to switch between Design view and HTML view