SearchUnit Pro 仕様

  SearchUnit Pro SearchUnit Lite
Reusable administration web application  
Windows Service based recrawling/reindexing  
'Did you mean?' spelling suggestions  
Content & Location categorization  
Multiple document format indexing
(Office 97-2007+, OOXML, ODF, PDF, RTF, TXT, HTML [aspx, html, asp, jsp...])
High-speed index based searching
Visual Studio based index management (spidering and indexing)
Phrase matching
Smart result summary & keyword highlighting
Word form variations are searched and ranked lower
Complex expression support; nested groups, partial matching, NOT, OR and AND
Automatic link discovery through the web-site spider
Templated control
Open, pure .NET API
Indexes/crawls password protected web-sites
Completely 'Microsoft Indexing Service' independent
Case sensitivity options
Result DataSource merging
Ignore region support
Unicode and non English language support
Featured results control
.NET 1.1 through 4.x compatible