SearchUnit Pro(英語版)

Keyoti SearchUnit Pro is an index based search engine control for ASP.NET web applications, written in .NET. the SearchUnit design is fully customizable through the use of templates. Keyoti SearchUnit Pro is simple to use, being entirely control based no programming is required.  It is easy to deploy, requiring only it's DLLs and index files to be moved to the server. SearchUnit Pro also includes reusable administration web application, Windows Service based recrawling/reindexing, spelling suggestions and content location categorization. Keyoti SearchUnit Pro is Section 508 compliant.

Keyoti SearchUnit Pro Main Features

Reusable administration web application. Web-based administration of:

  • Crawling
  • Indexing
  • Content/Location assignment
  • Configuration
  • Index deletion

Windows Service based recrawling/reindexing

  • Optional Windows Service can be installed for periodic rebuilds

'Did you mean?' spelling suggestions

  • Flexible spelling control checks queries, and includes custom dictionary support for organization acronyms, jargon and names

Content & Location categorization

  • Documents...


SearchUnit Pro v8.0
SearchUnit Pro v8.0
.NET 5対応DLLとインデックス管理ツールを含む
SearchUnit Pro v7.0.1
SearchUnit Pro v7.0.1
SearchUnit Pro v7
SearchUnit Pro v7

価格:¥ 136,400 (税込)〜

1 Developer/Web-Site/Server License: Allows one developer to develop a web application/site、 The deployment license key will restrict usage to one domain name and one server IP address、 4 Developer...


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  • ASP.NET Core
  • ASP.NET Web Forms