MindFusion.Diagramming for Android について


MindFusion.Diagramming for Android is a native Java class library, that provides Android applications with rich capabilities for creating, editing and visualizing graphs, networks, flowcharts, algorithms, genealogy trees and much more.

MindFusion.Diagramming for Android Features

  • Redistribution is royalty free.
  • Can be purchased with source code.
  • Is written in Java.
  • Implements the Document/View architecture.

User Interaction

  • Several user interaction modes.
  • Scrolling and zooming.
  • Copy and paste to/from the system clipboard.
  • Panning.
  • Automatic scrolling while dragging items with the mouse.
  • Alignment to grid.
  • Node alignment guides.
  • Multiple selection.
  • Magnifier tool.
  • Docking points can be defined for nodes.
  • Undo/redo support.


  • Styles and themes.
  • Z-order.
  • Nodes can display images and text.
  • Various text alignment styles.
  • Text can be laid out in polygonal areas.
  • Glass visual effects.
  • Styled HTML-like text formatting.
  • Customizable fonts and colors.
  • Custom painting of nodes.
  • Shadows.
  • Rich choice of pen and brush styles.
  • Transparent nodes.
  • Invisible nodes.
  • A background swimlane grid.

Store and Retrieve Diagrams into/from

  • Files in storage.
  • Java streams.
  • ASCII strings.
  • XML documents.

Diagram Elements

  • More than 100 predefined node shapes.
  • Ability to define custom shapes and shape libraries.
  • Rotation of shapes at arbitrary angles.
  • Container nodes.
  • Tables with unlimited number of rows and columns.
  • Table cells can span several columns and rows.
  • Display hierarchical data in TreeView nodes.
  • Sections of table rows can be expanded or collapsed.
  • Display multiple labels on links.
  • Links can comprise multiple segments.
  • Link segments can be straight lines or curves.
  • Support for custom node and link types.

Automatic Graph Layout Algorithms

  • Spring-Embedder graph layout.
  • Directional tree layout.
  • Radial tree layout.
  • Fractal tree layout.
  • Layered graph layout.
  • Grid layout.
  • Simulated Annealing graph layout.
  • Orthogonal graph layout.
  • Circular graph layout.
  • Orthogonal link router.
  • Flowchart layout.
  • Topological graph layout.
  • Automatic link routing.
  • Triangular graph layout.
  • Hierarchical graph layout.
  • Cascading graph layout.
  • Process diagram layout.


  • Programmatic access to the diagram elements.
  • Numerous properties for customizing appearance and behavior.
  • Numerous utility methods.
  • Path finding and cycle detection.
  • Rich event set.


  • Lock diagram elements.
  • Read-only mode supported.
  • Tables can be scrolled.
  • Collapse and expand hierarchy branches.
  • In-place text editing.
  • Dynamic positioning of links relative to connected nodes.

Link Diagram Items

  • Nodes to nodes.
  • Table rows to table rows.
  • Nodes to table rows.
  • Unconnected links.

Hierarchical Grouping

  • Attaching nodes to other nodes.
  • Attaching nodes to link control points.
  • Attaching nodes to link segments.