MindFusion.Diagramming for iOS について


MindFusion.Diagramming for iOS is a native Swift component that lets you render any type of flowchart, org chart, class diagram, hierarchy, tree and graph. The vast set of predefined node shapes save you time and inspire you to create appealing flowcharts.

MindFusion.Diagramming for iOS Features

  • Huge Choice of Diagram Elements - Includes a set of predefined node shapes and numerous connector shapes. Container nodes and table nodes allow cell spanning and let you combine diagram nodes or render tabular data.
  • Rich User Interaction - Diagram nodes can be moved, grouped or resized, tree branches expanded and collapsed, in-place text editing is also possible. Diagramming for iOS fires events for every action the user performs.
  • Numerous Styling Options - Both links and nodes can have custom fill and border color. Font settings are available for each object that supports text. Images can be rendered inside any type of node, including table nodes. The head and base of each link are customizable with numerous shapes to choose from.
  • Elegant Automatic Layout Algorithms - Includes several layout algorithms with numerous customization options.
  • Learning Resources - The iOS diagram library comes with a wealth of learning materials and samples to help you get started quickly. Detailed documentation is provided for each API member. Various guides and tutorials provide plenty of explanations and code that demonstrate the most important features of the component. In addition, it includes a set of samples that demonstrate the control in action and offer valuable programming code to study and reuse.