MindFusion.Java Swing Pack のリリース

Released: Nov 25, 2020

2020.R1 での更新項目



  • SVG nodes - Added SVG nodes which can display SVG drawings in addition to the rendering provided by its base ShapeNode class.
  • Diagrams can now be serialized in JSON files.
  • Miscellaneous
    • ImagePadding property of ShapeNode, TableNode and Cell lets you set padding space between element's borders and the contained Image.
    • FoldIconSize property added to ContainerNode.
    • Tag property added to the Cell class lets you associate custom data with cells.
    • The MoveNodes behavior allows...

Released: May 21, 2019

2019.R1 での更新項目


  • JavaFX dependencies removed from all components in the pack.
  • Diagramming for Java Swing
    • New CompositeNode components - Component classes that support user interaction can now be used as part of CompositeNode templates:
      • ButtonComponent implements clickable buttons inside nodes.
      • CheckBoxComponent represents a check-box that lets users select true / false values.
      • EditComponent implements editable text area.
      • NumericEditComponent implements number-entry area.
      • SliderComponent allows selecting a...