MindFusion.Virtual Keyboard for Java Swing について

タッチスクリーン端末で実行するJava Swingソフトウェア用の仮想キーボード

MindFusion.Virtual Keyboard for Java Swing help make any digital information kiosk, that uses Java Virtual Machine software, as responsive and convenient to use as a hand-held mobile device.

MindFusion.Virtual Keyboard for Java Swing Features

  • Keyboard Layout - The library includes two predefined keyboard layouts - Default and Extended. The Default layout is similar to a laptop keyboard without a numpad. Extended mode corresponds to a full keyboard with numpad and navigational key sections.
  • Keyboard Creator - The Keyboard Creator tool lets you quickly generate an initial layout by choosing a language from the property palette. Then you can remove unnecessary keys, move or resize existing ones or change their labels.
  • Appearance - The library supports themes for keyboard appearance and templates for the appearance of keys. There is a set of predefined themes provided with the component.
  • Applications - With the Virtual Keyboard for Java Swing you can:
    • Implement text input in keyboardless environment.
    • Build Kiosk or POS user interfaces with a limited number of input keys.
    • Send keys as input to external applications.
    • Implement accessibility features for users with mobility impairments.
    • Show common words for your application as keys in the keyboard.