MS SQL Migration Toolkit のリリース

Released: Apr 22, 2019

v6.3 での更新項目


  • Adds new tool DB2-to-MSSQL - migrates IBM DB2 databases to SQL Server or Azure SQL. (All versions of IBM DB2 are supported.)
  • Adds support for 4Gb+ rows in Oracle-to-MSSQL.


  • Fixes in MSSQL-to-PostgreSQL v4.1
    • Fixed - error 'zero-length delimited identifier' has been fixed in foreign keys statements.
    • Fixed - statement SELECT (datediff_day($1, $2) * 24 + date_part('hour', $2 ... has been fixed in 'functions for views'.
  • Fixes in MSSQL-to-Oracle v6.1
    • Fixed - conversion of NVARCHAR(4000).

Released: Jun 19, 2017

5.5 での更新項目


  • Improved support for Microsoft Azure.
  • Support for views in mss2pgs and ora2mss.
  • Use VARCHAR(MAX) and VARBINARY(MAX) instead of TEXT and IMAGE in all ...2mss tools.
  • Option to connect to non-default PGS database in mss2pgs and pgs2mss.
  • Synchronization and user defined log-file in GUI version in ora2mss.
  • Option to export PostgreSQL database into T-SQL script in pgs2mss.
  • User-defined log file in GUI version and support for date_format() function in sql2mss.