PostgreSQL Migration Toolkit(英語版)

PostgreSQL Migration Toolkit is a software pack to convert popular data sources to PostgreSQL and vice versa. The product has high performance because it does not use ODBC or any other middleware software. Command line support allows you to script, automate and schedule the conversion.

I am fully satisfied with your product and have already used this application in dozens of my new projects.

Dhurba Joshi

PostgreSQL Migration Toolkit includes the following utilities:

  • Access-to-PostgreSQL migrates MS Access databases to PostgreSQL.
  • Excel-to-PostgreSQL converts Excel spreadsheets into PostgreSQL databases.
  • FoxPro-to-PostgreSQL migrates FoxPro/DBase databases to PostgreSQL server.
  • Firebird-to-PostgreSQL migrates Firebird databases to PostgreSQL server.
  • MSSQL-to-PostgreSQL migrates MSSQL databases to PostgreSQL server.
  • MySQL-to-PostgreSQL migrates MySQL database to PostgreSQL server.
  • Oracle-to...


PostgreSQL Migration Toolkit v5.1
PostgreSQL Migration Toolkit v5.1
PostgreSQL Migration Toolkit v4.5
PostgreSQL Migration Toolkit v4.5
PostgreSQL Migration Toolkit v4.1
PostgreSQL Migration Toolkit v4.1
PostgreSQL v12をサポート、DB2からPostgreSQLへのマイグレーションツールを追加
PostgreSQL Migration Toolkit v3.3
PostgreSQL Migration Toolkit v3.3
PostgreSQL Migration Toolkit 3.1
PostgreSQL Migration Toolkit 3.1
Oracle v12.2をサポート、OracleからPostgreSQL、PostgreSQLからOracleの変換機能がUnicodeに対応

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Basic Edition allows clients to install the software product on exactly one (1) computer system。 Client can store a backup copy of the software but cannot use two copies of the software at any one...


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