Rappid について



Rappid includes

  • Halo - A configurable control panel above elements with important tools right at hand.
  • Stencil - Element palette with animated accordion-like grouping.
  • FreeTransform - Resize your elements to all the sides, even when rotated.
  • Channel - Bring real-time collaboration to your applications.
  • Clipboard - Copy, cut and paste with HTML 5 local storage support for copy-pasting across page refreshes.
  • Selection - Manipulate more elements in one go. Supports both bulk and individual element selection.
  • Charts - Plot both Line and Bar charts with ease. Charts can be included in your diagrams as any other elements.
  • Validator - Make sure your documents are always in a state you want them to be. Define rules and automatically cancel invalid actions.
  • PaperScroller - A smaller view to a larger paper area with scroll & pan, centering, auto-resizing/shrinking and zooming.
  • Inspector - An extremely flexible and completely configurable properties editor and viewer. Inspector automatically generates HTML forms for editing your diagram elements.
  • Undo/Redo - Undo/redo to an arbitrary level.
  • Tooltip - Display your info messages anywhere in the UI. Supports HTML content too.
  • GridLayout - Layout your elements automatically in a grid. Configurable columns, rows, their dimensions and padding.
  • DirectedGraph Layout - Auto-layout your directed graphs. Configurable.
  • ForceDirected Layout - Force-directed auto-layout. Uses resemblance to the physical world to make sure the resulting graph is appealing.
  • Print - Print your documents via the browser print dialog box.
  • SVG Export - Export your documents into the SVG vector format with one function call.
  • Raster Export - Export your documents into the PNG or JPEG format.
  • GEXF Import - Import graphs from the GEXF XML format.
  • Shapes - A set of ready-to-use shapes of well know diagrams: FSA, ERD, UML, PN, ORG, DEVS, BPMN and more.
  • Custom shapes - Rappid makes it easy to create your own shapes with or without ports.
  • Hierarchical diagrams - Embed elements into other elements.
  • Smart link routing - Smart routing of links automatically avoiding elements.
  • JSON format - Serialization/deserialization to/from JSON format.
  • Touch support - Works on touch devices too.
  • Animation, filters and gradients - Make your diagrams appealing.
  • Event driven - Easily react on any event that happens inside your diagrams.
  • Customizable - Follow your branding guidelines to adjust the look & feel of your diagramming application.
  • MVC Architecture - Rappid is built with extensibility in mind.
  • Three demo applications - To get you started quickly. Many use those applications for rapid prototyping and also as a foundation for further development.