Intersoft Solutions has completely change Web-based applications

無記名5 つ星

I have an intranet web application that has 10,000 + users, before InterSoft Solutions , it was just a normal aspx web page with clicks, pop ups and postbacks. It took me only 3 months to completely change over the site and with only one web developer. The day I showed my site off, the most common response from the users and including Java Developers was WOW! They can’t believe it; no one can believe you can do this with a web page. I even have other developers coming to check out what I have done. Intersoft has completely change WebBased applications. With your tech support so willing to help by sending you videos, screen shots and complete examples customized to my issue at hand, it’s just unbelievable. Another 3rd party control set we have, if we find a bug, they insist that we prove it’s their issue and not Microsoft’s or the developer’s. Intersoft Solutions Tech Support treats it as their problem until the problem is resolved or a hot fix has been released. You have a customer for life here.