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  1. 新機能: What's new The Victor Image Processing Library is now available for 64-bit Windows. This version is functionally identical to the 32-bit Victor Library. The real change is that in the 64-bit operating systems all pointers and buffer addresses are 64 ... 続きを読む

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    新機能: Chart FX Client Server 6.2 includes new features and improvements requested by customers. Version 6.2 was designed specifically for COM developers, to include all the features of the NET edition. Visualization GDI + Transparency Gradient (gradients) ... 続きを読む

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    新機能: What's New in Chart FX Client Server 6.2? Chart FX Client Server 6.2 includes an extensive array of new features and enhancements driven by requests made by customers. This release leverages all of the features in the highly renowned Chart FX for ... 続きを読む