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    説明: Draw, load and save fonts from C++ applications. Aspose.Font for C++ is flexible library for working with font formats. The API supports multiple font formats including TrueType, OpenType, CFF, and Type1. It can read different fonts from files or streams ... 続きを読む

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    説明: Integrate different fonts on any platform. Aspose.Font Product Family includes native APIs to load, draw and save multiple fonts without any software dependencies. It includes components for .NET and C++. Aspose.Font Product Family Features Aspose.Font ... 続きを読む

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    説明: Draw, load and save fonts from .NET applications. Aspose.Font for .NET is flexible and easy to use library for working with different font files. The API supports multiple font formats including TrueType CFF, OpenType, and Type1. It can load fonts, ... 続きを読む

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    説明: APIs for converting Microsoft Publisher files. Aspose.PUB Product Family includes native APIs for converting PUB files to PDF without any software dependencies. It includes components for .NET, Java and C++. Aspose.PUB Product Family Features Aspose.PUB ... 続きを読む

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    説明: Manipulate Microsoft Publisher files and convert to PDF from any C++ based application. Aspose.PUB for C++ is a Microsoft Publisher file format processing library. It allows developers to read and load PUB files, manipulate metadata as well as convert ... 続きを読む

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    説明: A 2D drawing engine identical to GDI+, for rendering vector graphics and multi-style text for .NET applications. Aspose.Drawing for .NET is a cross-platform 2D drawing engine with a System.Drawing compatible API. The drawing library supports rendering ... 続きを読む

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    説明: Create, read and validate XBRL and iXBRL finance-related formats from within any .NET application. Aspose.Finance for .NET is a flexible library for finance-related format processing. The API can easily create, read, and validate eXtensible Business ... 続きを読む

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    説明: Load, manipulate and convert PostScript PS, EPS and XPS files to PDF and raster images from C++ applications. Aspose.Page for C++ is a library for XPS and PostScript file rendering and manipulation. It allows you to create, modify and convert existing and ... 続きを読む

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    説明: Load, parse and convert SVG files to PDF, XPS and PNG without any software dependencies. Aspose.SVG for .NET is flexible SVG file processing library. The API can easily load, save and convert SVG files as well as read and traverse the elements of a file ... 続きを読む

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    説明: Native APIs for recognizing scanned documents and photos in a variety of image formats. Aspose.OMR Product Family helps you perform OMR to capture human-marked data from document scans or photos including BMP, JPG, TIF, TIFF, and GIF formats. It includes ... 続きを読む