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  1. 説明: Highly customizable replacement for the Microsoft button control. Infragistics WebImageButton is designed as a replacement for the Microsoft-supplied Button control. Infragistics WebImageButton provides additional features such as rounded corners, presets ... 続きを読む

  2. 説明: Image viewing AJAX control for galleries and navigation. Infragistics WebImageViewer is an AJAX-Enabled ASP.NET control allowing you to easily add image display and browsing capabilities to their Web applications. With Infragistics WebImageViewer images ... 続きを読む

  3. 説明: Windows and Office style navigation for ASP.NET applications. Infragistics WebListbar is a navigational container component that gives you the ability to create groups of data. With Infragistics WebListbar each group can contain either simple items or ... 続きを読む

  4. 説明: Vertical and horizontal menus on the Web. Infragistics WebMenu creates multi-level menus to present your users with a hierarchy of commands or options. with Infragistics WebMenu you can orient the WebMenu either horizontally or vertically. Menu items can ... 続きを読む

  5. 説明: Simple navigation for complex grids. Infragistics WebNavBar can be used to navigate through data. Infragistics WebNavBar can be placed anywhere on the page, similar to a "remote control" metaphor, moving through the data displayed in the ... 続きを読む

  6. 説明: Allow complex grouping in a simple container. Infragistics WebPanel control provides a container for grouping elements visually on a page. Infragistics WebPanel is very similar to a Windows Forms GroupBox or Panel, except on the Web, there is the added ... 続きを読む

  7. 説明: Add resizing capabilities to any Web element. Infragistics WebResizingExtender provides resizing capabilities for Web controls such as Microsoft's Panel, the Infragistics WebPanel, and even HTML div and table elements. Following an Extender model ... 続きを読む

  8. 説明: Web based resource scheduling. Infragistics WebSchedule provides everything necessary for a full-featured scheduling Web application including Infragistics WebDayView, Infragistics WebWeekView, Infragistics WebMonthView and Infragistics WebCalendarView. ... 続きを読む

  9. 説明: Simplify data entry with an intuitive ASP.NET slider control. Infragistics WebSlider is a lightweight and easy-to-use ASP.NET-based slider (or track bar) control that enables Web developers to add another familiar UX pattern into their applications. The ... 続きを読む

  10. 説明: Integrated multi-language spell checking for any text field. Infragistics WebSpellChecker brings functionality normally only associated with a Windows Forms application to the Web. Infragistics WebSpellChecker provides spell checking capabilities for any ... 続きを読む