About Visual Integrity

Founded in 1993, Visual Integrity has long been recognized as an industry leader in the area of vector graphics and conversion technologies for PDF, PostScript, Windows Metafile and other vector formats. With offices in the USA and Europe, Visual Integrity's products power the transformation of visual content for use in enterprise applications, publishing systems and on the Web. The technology benefits from extensive industry experience, multiplatform development and a strong vision for visual content management and reuse. Broad in scope, the products play a critical role in enterprise process and workflow automation, content management and integration of import/export filters into commercial and enterprise applications. Proven and robust developer products include command-line access, automation tools and API access via a DLL for Windows and a CLI for UNIX, Linux and Mac OS X. Input formats include PDF, EPS, PostScript, AI, WMF and EMF and output formats cover all industry standard vector and raster formats. A text extraction module is also available. Custom development and OEM inquiries are welcome.