PDF Conversion SDK(英語版)

PDF Conversion SDK is for Enterprise and commercial developers. You can use it to add PDF open, import, edit and view features to any application or service. These includes desktop, server and cloud-based applications, Web services and automated workflows. The PDF Conversion SDK consumes all PDF versions including PDF 2.0 as well as PostScript and EPS.

PDF Conversion SDK Features

  • Power PDF Server Applications and Services - Use it for powerful, automated document conversion, archival, and delivery solutions.Multiplatform. Supports .NET (C# & VB) Mac OS X and Linux.
  • Compensates for Format Differences - The PDF Conversion API compensates for deficiencies in the output compared to PDF. This includes adding cropping, fills, color mananegent and fonts. Produces optimal output with speed and accuracy.
  • PDF Layer Access - The PDF Conversion SDK...


PDF Conversion SDK 11.2019.12
PDF Conversion SDK 11.2019.12
PDF Conversion SDK 11.2019.2.0
PDF Conversion SDK 11.2019.2.0

価格:¥ 194,590 (税込)〜

Annual Subscription: The software is licensed per Project for use on a single machine only。 Distribution is not royalty-free。 You may distribute your software to the appropriate number of end-users as...


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