PDF Conversion SDK のリリース

Released: Dec 4, 2019

11.2019.12 での更新項目


  • Support for write function in PostScript files.
  • Support for CMYK in EPS files.
  • Support for transparency fill.
  • Support for Z-order images in DXF/DWG files.
  • Automatic font name mapping.
  • Additional functions for Unicode file names.

Released: Mar 7, 2019

11.2019.2.0 での更新項目


  • Intelligent font mapping.
  • Cropping support at engine level; images as color lines.
  • CMYK support in EPS output.
  • New Unicode API functions, for example VgPsUniLoad, VgPsUniSaveAs, VgPsUniConvert2TIFFbw.
  • Unicode text object support for DXF, EMF and SVG.
  • New API function to convert each PDF layer to a separate DXF file.