Actipro Icons Metro Essentials (英語版)

Actipro Icons Metro Essentials includes over 3,600 unique professionally-designed images in 11 sets, each in multiple sizes, states and formats. When counting the size, state, and format variations of each design, there are over 108,000 images included in the bundle.

Included Sets

  • Basics Set
  • Communication and Management Set
  • Development Set
  • Imaging Set
  • People Set
  • Status Bar Set
  • Business Set
  • Database Set
  • Hardware and Networking Set
  • Multimedia Set
  • Word Processing and Spreadsheet Set


Actipro Icons Metro Essentialsがリリースされました
Actipro Icons Metro Essentialsがリリースされました

価格:¥ 79,500 (税抜)〜

Any developers who work on the user interface portion of a project that uses Actipro Icons Metro Essentials require a license。 Developers who do not work on the user interfaces do NOT require licenses...


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