AgRichEdit Suite について

AgRichEdit SuiteでSilverlightアプリケーションに、Microsoft Wordのようなリッチ テキスト編集機能を簡単に導入することができます。

AgRichEdit Suiteが提供する高度な書式設定機能と、数多くのエンドユーザー オプションにより、Silverlightプラットフォーム用に強力なビジネス ソリューションを提供できるでしょう。AgRichEdit SuiteはRTF、TXT、MS Word 2007 (.docx) 、 Open Document Formatなどのフォーマットに対応しています。AgRichEdit SuiteはDXperience Silverlight Subscriptionの一部としてのみ購入できます。

AgRichEdit Suite is a Rich Text Editor software component that allows you to introduce Microsoft Word like text editing features into your Silverlight application. AgRichEdit Suite provides advanced text formatting capabilities and delivers numerous end-user options. AgRichEdit Suite includes features like Microsoft Word Like UI, Rich Formatting and Editing Capabilities, Multi-Column Support, Bullets and Numbered Lists.

AgRichEdit Suite Text Formatting Features

  • Character and Paragraph Formatting - Provides all formatting features you would expect from a word processor. Characters can be formatted using different settings for font, font size, character style - bold, italics, underlined, strike-through style and different colors for background and foreground. Formatting options for paragraphs include alignment, indentation, variable paragraph and line spacing.
  • Bulleted and Numbered Lists
  • Styles - Document formatting can be stored and applied by using styles. Styles facilitate quick modification of a document's formatting and allow centralized control of formatting options. The editor supports both paragraph and character based styles, as well as multiple style inheritance. Stylesheets are compatible with MS Word.
  • Multi-column Document Layout - This functionality allows you to flow text across multiple columns.
  • Document Sections - Documents can be partitioned into a number of different sections with individual page settings.

AgRichEdit Suite Text Editing Features

  • Clipboard - ASCII and RTF formats are used by built-in clipboard operations.
  • Find and Replace - The AgRichEdit allows you to initiate these operations via code and also provides a complete UI solution available to your end-users without having to write a single line of code.
  • Unlimited Undo and Redo Operations
  • Images - The AgRichEdit allows you to embed images the following formats: JPEG, PNG and BMP.
  • Built-in Spelling Checker - The AgRichEdit control has built-in support for spell checking.

AgRichEdit Suite Document View

  • Predefined Views - Like in Microsoft Word, AgRichEdit provides multiple predefined document layouts and allow you to freely switch between them while working on your document. You can be editing, reading or formatting a document.
  •  Zooming Documents In and Out - All text processing features are available at any zoom level.

AgRichEdit Suite Miscellaneous Features

  • Full Localization Support - Every UI element can be translated to another language.
  • Load and Save Documents - RTF and Plain Text (TXT) formats are supported.
  • Multi-threaded Formatting - Document formatting is implemented as a multi-threaded job. This significantly enhances the editor’s performance when loading a document or making substantial modifications to it, resulting in a more responsive application.