Aspose.Slides for SharePoint について


Aspose.Slides for SharePointは、Microsoft PowerPointを使用せずに、SharePointアプリケーションの中で、PowerPointファイルの読込、変換ができるようになります。これは、SharePoint周辺の開発者が、さまざまなPowerPointファイル形式をPDF、TIFF、XPS形式に原型を損ねずに変換することができるようにデザインされています。Aspose.Slides for SharePointはC#で書かれ、インストールが簡単で、動作も速いです。

Multiple Formats Support
With Aspose.Slides for SharePoint, you can convert documents from your SharePoint document library to a number of widely used portable formats. Aspose.Slides for SharePoint supports the following input formats:

  • PPT – Microsoft PowerPoint Presentation
  • PPS – Microsoft PowerPoint SlideShow
  • POT – Microsoft PowerPoint Template
  • PPTX – Office Open XML Presentation
  • PSX – Office Open XML SlideShow
  • POTX – Office Open XML Template

Supported output formats

  • PDF – Portable Document Format
  • TIFF – Pictures Package
  • XPS – XML Paper Specification

No Microsoft PowerPoint Automation
Aspose.Slides for SharePoint is a powerful and flexible component that allows you to manage PowerPoint presentations without requiring Microsoft PowerPoint or Microsoft Office to be installed on the system.