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Elster Sイスラエル5 つ星

We needed an out of the box SDK to convert MSWord files, and thereafter, also Emails into PDF files, including headers, metadata information, footers, highlights, and watermark to the converted files... 続きを読む


Elster Sイスラエル5 つ星

We needed an out of the box SDK to convert MSWord files, and thereafter, also Emails into PDF files, including headers, metadata information, footers, highlights, and watermark to the converted files. Aspose.Total provides powerful conversion capability from different file types to PDF format, allowing us to create authentic versions of the documents for our customers. It supports a variety of file formats, including Microsoft Office files, PDF, HTML, images, emails, and more, and has saved us a significant amount of time and effort, as we do not need to search for and integrate multiple third-party libraries to work with different file formats.

We previously tested and used Aspose.Word for over two years and performed thousands of conversions with great accurate outputs. When assessing the ability to convert other file formats using the same logic, Aspose.Total seemed like the perfect solution for us. We were blown away by how well Aspose.Email extracts Microsoft Outlook mailboxes and parses MSG files – it’s amazing and highly efficient - even when working with large or complex files. The conversion accuracy is also highly important to us as the PDF extracted must be identical to the input file as part of the accurate legal review process being conducted by our clients (Law Firms).

Overall, Aspose is a powerful and reliable suite of libraries that can help developers save time and effort while building high-performing solutions. It offers a wide range of functionalities, is easy to use and perfect for any business that needs to work with multiple file formats.

匿名 ご購入済みのお客様香港5 つ星
S. Mathurアメリカ合衆国5 つ星

We develop a cloud-based application which provides tools to teach and learn American Psychological Association (APA) Style and facilitates the publication of manuscripts which conform to APA Style. Aspose Document Manipulation APIs are the basis the essential back-end services for the writing component of this software.

We needed to generate accurate paginated renderings of our proprietary-format composite documents in identical PDF and Microsoft Word formats, to drive on-screen preview and final document export. We found the ability in Aspose to specify presentation rules as CSS greatly simplified the process because we could share style definitions between our HTML-based editor and the pagination pipeline; but when more complex constructs were needed, we could plug in code to override the default handling. We also used Aspose’s document-parsing facility to provide our application the capability to extract and import images, tables, and other embedded objects from externally produced Microsoft Word documents uploaded by our users.

Aspose’s APIs provided a mix of services for document construction and deconstruction which was ideal for our application requirements and shortened our development time - and it is a workhorse which runs 24/7 on our cloud-based production servers.

giampiero ご購入済みのお客様イタリア5 つ星
匿名 ご購入済みのお客様ベトナム5 つ星
A. Hughes - IL, USA5 つ星

We use a number of libraries to parse/process various document formats. Those formats include Word documents, Excel documents, PowerPoint documents, and others. We found that open source solutions may work in some cases, but not in others. This is a problem when we want to create a solution that is simple to maintain and works consistently well.

After searching for solutions, we found the Aspose suite of products. In particular, the Aspose.Total package includes a number of libraries to handle the document types we needed. One benefit of this is that it includes many of the individual Aspose products in a single package, and allows us to work with a consistent API across all of these file formats. After using their trial license, and evaluating the product against various file formats / examples, we've found that the Aspose solution is easy to use, and works well in a variety of cases. Performance has been good in our testing, which can be a problem with other solutions that we've evaluated.

In addition to the software library itself, one area we found to be helpful is the documentation that is provided on the support site. It really makes it easy to understand the process of how to setup your development environment, and begin using the APIs directly. Example demonstrations are included for the various components (Aspose.Cells, Aspose.Words, Aspose.PDF, and many others). In addition to the documentation provided on the site, there is also a support forum that is available. We had the opportunity to use the forums, and one nice thing about the Aspose support forums is that they are monitored by Aspose support staff who also participate in the conversations, and try and assist with customer questions. The development community around the product also seems to be growing as well - there are a lot of active developers in the forums, so it is a good way to connect with others if you're trying to solve a problem.

The Aspose.Total product has worked well for us, has saved a lot of development time, and reduced the number of libraries we need to use and maintain to be able to provide a solution to our users. We have used the Java version of the product, but there are other versions (.NET) as well. I'd recommend this product, and would also recommend taking advantage of the trial license to try before you buy.

Hot ProjectAustralia5 つ星
We have recently been using Aspose Total for Java in our system. I am happy to report that it has been a great experience for us! Our application stack is PHP/MySQL - and we had spent a lot of time investigating custom PHP options for conversion of documents and email management. However, we hit many 'dead ends', and decided to give Aspose Total a try. Using some simple examples, we were able to get our PHP code to trigger their Java functions - so we can now manage MS Word documents in our Linux environment - which is great. We look forward to using some more aspects of their library as we go on, such as the ability to convert MS PowerPoint files aswell.