Aspose.Words for .NET について

Microsoft Wordを使わずにWord文書を読み取り、変更、書き込み。

Aspose.Words for .NET は、広範囲におよぶドキュメント処理タスクを、各種のアプリケーションから実現していくクラス・ライブラリです。 Aspose.Words for .NET では、 DOC/OOXML/RTF/HTML/OpenDocument/PDF/XPS/EPUB などの、各種フォーマットがサポートされます。 Aspose.Words for .NET を用いることで、Word ドキュメントの作成/参照/表示/印刷が、Microsoft Word を用いることなく実現されます。

Business Benefits

  • Avoid Microsoft Word automation in your applications
  • Design reports or template documents in the familiar environment of Microsoft Word, not in a custom report designer
  • Build or modify documents and formatting with ease using an object model similar to Microsoft Word Object Model and System.Xml
  • Populate documents with your data using just a few lines of code
  • Generate or process thousands of documents such as reports, letters, invoices, forms in minutes
  • Save documents in DOC, HTML, RTF or PDF

General Features

  • Open and save RTF, Word 97, Word 2000, Word XP and Word 2003 documents
  • Open and save documents in HTML format
  • Save documents in Aspose.Pdf.Xml format that can be used by Aspose.Pdf to produce PDF files
  • Use Aspose.Words from within a COM or ASP application and pass data as ADO Recordset
  • Aspose.Words installation includes easy-to-understand demo projects for ASP.NET, Windows Forms with source code in C#, VB.NET that you can use to build your reporting application in minutes

Document Manipulation Features

  • Programmatically create, modify or remove sections, headers, footers, paragraphs, lists, tables, rows, cells, text, fields, form fields, bookmarks, images and other document elements
  • Specify detailed formatting for sections, paragraphs, text, rows and cells at runtime
  • Join or split documents, copy or move fragments between documents
  • Insert and format complex document elements such as images, hyperlinks, fields via a higher-level programming interface
  • Insert HTML fragments into the document
  • Access and modify document built-in and custom properties
  • Protect and unprotect documents

Mail Merge Features

  • Use standard Microsoft Word mail merge fields or bookmarks in your reports
  • Use Aspose.Words extended syntax for mail merge fields to perform more complex operations during mail merge such as insert images or repeatable regions
  • Populate and dynamically grow tables or fragments in the document from your data source using mail merge regions
  • Populate the document from any .NET data source such as DataSet, DataTable, DataView, DataReader or from an XML file
  • Take precise control, such as number formatting, over how your data is merged into the document using events