Aspose.Words Product Family について

Microsoft Wordを使わずにWord文書を読み取り、変更、書き込み。

Aspose.Words Product Family Pack は Aspose.Words for .NET, Java, Reporting Services, JasperReports とSharePoint (MOSS, WSS)を含みます。Aspose.Words Product Family Pack は.NET あるいはJavaアプリケーションで Microsoft Word を使わないで Microsoft Word ドキュメントを表示、修正、変換、レンダリング、プリントできます。Aspose.Words Product Family はRDL、 RDLC あるいは JasperReportsレポートに、Microsoft SQL サーバー2000,2005,2008 Reporting Services からレポート、 JasperReports あるいは JasperServer から Microsoft Word document (DOC), Office Open XML (OOXML, DOCX), Rich Text Format (RTF), OpenDocument Text (ODT), Web page (HTML) とテキスト (TXT) 形式のエクスポートできます。Aspose.Words Product Family はMicrosoft SharePointアプリケーションの中からドキュメントをマルチプルフォーマットに変換します。

Aspose.Words Product Family Pack includes Aspose.Words for .NET, Java, Reporting Services, JasperReports and SharePoint.

Aspose.Words Product Family Business Benefits

  • Avoid Microsoft Word automation in your applications
  • Design reports or template documents in the familiar environment of Microsoft Word, not in a custom report designer
  • Build or modify documents and formatting with ease using an object model similar to Microsoft Word Object Model and System.Xml
  • Populate documents with your data using just a few lines of code
  • Generate or process thousands of documents such as reports, letters, invoices, forms in minutes
  • Save documents in DOC, HTML, RTF or PDF formats

Aspose.Words Product Family General Features

  • Open and save RTF and  Word documents
  • Open and save documents in HTML format
  • Use Aspose.Words from within a COM or ASP application and pass data as ADO Recordset
  • Aspose.Words installation includes easy-to-understand demo projects for ASP.NET, Windows Forms with source code in C#, VB.NET that you can use to build your reporting application in minutes

Aspose.Words Product Family Document Manipulation Features

  • Programmatically create, modify or remove sections, headers, footers, paragraphs, lists, tables, rows, cells, text, fields, form fields, bookmarks, images and other document elements
  • Specify detailed formatting for sections, paragraphs, text, rows and cells at runtime
  • Join or split documents, copy or move fragments between documents
  • Insert and format complex document elements such as images, hyperlinks, fields via a higher-level programming interface
  • Insert HTML fragments into the document
  • Access and modify document built-in and custom properties
  • Protect and unprotect documents

Aspose.Words Product Family Mail Merge Features

  • Use standard Microsoft Word mail merge fields or bookmarks in your reports
  • Use Aspose.Words extended syntax for mail merge fields to perform more complex operations during mail merge such as insert images or repeatable regions
  • Populate and dynamically grow tables or fragments in the document from your data source using mail merge regions
  • Populate the document from any .NET data source such as DataSet, DataTable, DataView, DataReader or from an XML file
  • Take precise control, such as number formatting, over how your data is merged into the document using events