Chant Developer Workbench について


Chant Developer Workbench はGrammarKit 、 LexiconKit 、 ProfileKit 、 SpeechKit と VoiceMarkupKit Win64、Win32とWinCE を含み、アプリケーションに対して容易に文法を管理、プロフィール、辞書、認識、シンセサイザーとテキストからスピーチへのマークアップを可能にします。Chant Developer Workbench が色によってコードされたフォーマッティング、 IntelliPrompt 、コマンドラインテスト、イベントトレーシングとアドバンスフィーチャでマルチドキュメント、インタラクティブ、カスタマイズ可能なシステム環境を盛り込んでいます。

Features of Chant Developer Workbench

A Chant Developer Workbench application can:

  • Generate syntax-independent and -specific grammars.
  • Compile grammar source from buffer, file, resource, stream, and string formats.
  • Persist compiled grammar binary to buffer, file, and stream formats.
  • Generate pronunciation phonemes.
  • Dynamically switch among grammar compilers and syntax formats.
  • Capture and map color, depth, and body data.
  • Record and playback audio files.
  • Integrate movement tracking with speech technology.
  • Edit locally installed lexicons.
  • Create and delete lexicon word pronunciations on demand.
  • Export and import lexicon word pronunciations for ensuring maximum recognition accuracy and speech synthesis quality.
  • Add and remove dictation shortcuts.
  • Create and delete speaker profiles on demand.
  • Train speaker profiles.
  • Backup and restore speaker profiles for ensuring maximum recognition accuracy and reliability.
  • Control application functions by speaking rather than having to use a mouse or keyboard.
  • Prompt users for applicable data capture.
  • Capture data by speaking rather than typing.
  • Confirm data capture with spoken or audio acknowledgement.
  • Transcribe audio buffers, files, and streams to text.
  • Synthesize speech to audio buffers, files, and streams.
  • Generate markup language in Nuance L&H Native Control Sequence, Microsoft SAPI 5 XML, and W3C SSML syntax.
  • Generate pronunciation phonemes for Acapela, Cepstral, Microsoft SAPI 5, Microsoft Speech Platform, and Nuance Vocalizer synthesizers.
  • Dynamically switch among speech APIs and syntax formats.
  • Dynamically generate VoiceVXML.
  • Run VoiceXML documents as a desktop application.

Within the Chant Developer Workbench IDE, you can:

  • Create and edit grammars in native grammar syntax.
  • Generate word pronunciation phonemes.
  • Edit word pronunciation phonemes.
  • Compile and debug grammars.
  • Test grammars with live and recorded audio, and text simulation.
  • Render color, depth, and body data.
  • Validate sensor image streams.
  • Create and edit W3C lexicons (.pls).
  • Create and edit Cepstral lexicon file (.txt).
  • Create and edit Nuance Vocalizer and VoCon user dictionary text file (.dct).
  • Create, edit, export, and delete SAPI 5 user and application lexicons.
  • Create and delete speaker profiles.
  • Enumerate speaker profiles.
  • Invoke recognizer built-in speaker training.
  • Design and test custom speaker training.
  • Enumerate audio devices and speech engines for selection and testing of audio-, recognizer-, and synthesizer-specific features.
  • Trace audio, recognition, and synthesis events.
  • Create and edit documents with TTS markup.
  • Generate TTS markup.
  • Playback text with TTS markup.
  • Create and edit VoiceXML documents.
  • Test VoiceXML documents with microphone audio and keypad data.
  • Trace runtime events.